Mamiya Press 50/6.3 lenses on eBay

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by yefei_he|1, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. I have been observing eBay auctions of Mamiya Press 50/6.3 lenses with amusement and relief (as I recently got one at a good price). Usually it goes for between US$350 and $500 with the finder. But it has really gone out of hands the past couple of days. First, there was one yesterday, #120437926220, that went for AU$730 or US$590; and today, this one , #130314807980, ended up at 510 GBP or US$840! I should be really happy that I got mine last week together with a Mamiya Press body, 6x9 back and groundglass back for US$400, on eBay no less:)
  2. Wow! When I still had a Universal 11 years back, I wanted one of those SO BAD! But now that I have a medium format swing-lens panoramic, the desire is not so great. But they sure still look nice!

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