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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by steve_parrott, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. I have searched here and in Google, and have not been able to find any objective tests or reviews of the new Mamiya DL28. It appears
    Mamiya has taken the criticism to heart on the ZD digital back and are now putting the Leaf Aptus-II 28 MP back on the revised 645 AFD III.
    At $15,000, this looks to be quite a bargain, well at least as far as medium format digital goes, especially since it also includes the camera
    and an 80mm lens. Does anyone know of any tests on this camera? All I can find is manufacturer propaganda.<p>Thanks so much in
  2. Here you go Steve. Mine just arrived on Friday and All I can tell you thus far is WOW.
    This is a great site by a great photographer. Now, if you'd like to save $1000 by having the Mamiya AFD-III as a demo (I did and it's wonderful) let me know
  3. A short hands on review here:
    He also has a more extensive review with paid subscription to his sight.
    Another review here:
  4. Thanks guys!

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