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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by eric friedemann, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Over the years, I've shot Mamiya RBs, RZs, M6s and, currently, M7IIs. I've
    never needed a repair on any piece of equipment until recently.

    Two weeks ago, I was shooting one of my 7II bodies when it stopped taking
    images and its warning light came on. I cleaned the contacts between body and
    lens, replaced the battery- no good.

    I sent the body to Mamiya America in New York, noting it had low mileage and
    had stopped working for no apparent reason. Even though the body is six years
    old and is well out of warranty, Mamiya replaced the circuit board for no
    charge and the body is functioning perfectly. More impressive still, Mamiya
    did the repair pretty much overnight, as I got the body back about ten days
    after I sent it UPS Ground.

    That's great service.
  2. Wow, that is definitely FANTASTIC service. I wonder if there are any Hasselblad ( or other brands ) users who have similar stories?
  3. Excellent customer service is often, if not always, a good indicator of a brand/s viability and its financial stability. Let us hope that Mamiya/s service department and their own production (finally) of digital sensors, will bode well for their future. It sure would feel good know, if in fact, that I invested so much of my gear with the Mamiya brand and that those years of rumors of Mamiya eminent demise were unfounded. As always, time will tell, but I feel some sunshine!
  4. R, I'd note that at $23K, the basic Hasselblad H3 22 Megapixel kit is a little rich for my blood:

    However, for $10K, the Mamiya 645ZD kit is intriguing:

    I also like that Mamiya is introducing a 28mm/20mm-35mm-format-equivalent lens for use with the ZD:
  5. I had a similar response from Bronica years ago, although I did pay for the repair. I had a shutter control module fail on my etrsi. The work was turned around in 7 days.
  6. *Three* working days for the repair of my Tele-Apotessar 4/350mm by Kyocera/Germany. I've buyed a TLA 360 flash and this lens was the only one where the autozoom reflector doesn't work correctly in combination with. Even though the guarantee has run out it was repaired for free. Those days are gone forever ...


  7. Great service from MAC comes at a price. You probably didnt buy that camera off of ebay did you? In all my years on this is the only relatively positive service experience I've heard of regarding

    These cameras were literally 2x the price domestically versus Robert White back in the day. Supposedly, MAC inspects all serial numbers and if the camera wasnt purchased in the states they have the right of seizure.

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