Mamiya C330 needs the foam replaced in the door

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by sando_cosenza, Sep 21, 1998.

  1. I have a Mamiya C330 Pro. The foam on the door has dried and fallen apart. I have contacted a supplier of foam, but, I must know the thickness. Can you help me?
  2. Sando, at, you can purchase either the LB-KIT with 5 English (fractional) thicknesses of foam for $20, or their LBMM-KIT with 3 metric thicknesses, plus maybe some other stuff, for $25. Call them at 800-359-2878 for more info.


    Mel Brown
  3. Mine appears to have 2mm thick foam, but it is getting old. I'd suggest something greater than 2mm, but less than 4mm.
  4. I purchased the foam from Mamiya U.S. for approximately $13. Also should be available from Fargo Enterprises in North Dakota. They have a web site but I don't know the URL.


    Charlie Ashby
  5. Charlie, Fargo Enterprises is in California, and is the parent company
    of Micro-Tools, the company for which I already gave the URL to Sando.


    Mel Brown
  6. I have a low-tech has worked well on my 220, which
    had the same problem. I got some thin strips of velvet trim from the
    local fabric store. I dont have them in front of me, but they are
    very thin (a few mm wide; just about perfect for our purposes). One
    side is fuzzy, the other is plain material. After cleaning the old
    foam out, I applied the strips with rubber cement. Took about ten cost, about twenty cents! I have done this to
    several older cameras with complete sucess. The fabric does not
    appear to shed, and it forms a good, light-tight seal. My 220 has
    had these seals for two years with no problems. I have enough of
    this stuff on hand to re-seal every camera I'm ever likely to own.
    The only difficulty is finding this stuff. I wouldn't recommend
    cutting fabric, since i think it would then be prone to shedding. Try
    it! You can always take it out if it doesn't work.

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