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  1. I am just got a Mamiya C3 - inheritance from my mother.

    Lets say I know NOTHING at all about photography. I do not know any photography terminology and have no idea how to use it.

    I love the photos it produces and want so much to be able to use this camera.

    Please help, tips, tricks, what all these crazy words mean! Not only with the the camera but including film it uses, lenses, really anything!

    Thanks =-)
  2. In the search bar type in Mamiya C3, and it will bring up several postings. That would be one good place to start. So far as film it uses there are two commin types. 120 and 220. The 120 records fewer images than the 220, but it is relatively easier to find that 220.
    You may also want to google for an instruction manual. You can find them here:
  3. You should probably try to shoot first with a chromogenic film (C41 processing), which is very tolerant of exposure errors and easy to develop at any lab. In B&W I would go with Ilford XP2 and in colour with Kodak Portra 400. Expose both at 200 ISO and process normally. I do not recall if this camera has an exposure meter, if not you should get one which can measure both direct and incident light, and learn how to use it.
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