Mamiya C220 TLR counter starting issue

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  1. Hi guys,

    I don't know how this happened but after loading and closing the back cover, the counter started at 03.

    I checked the procedure step by step and I did nothing wrong.

    When I advance film, the counter works normally. Not It reached 08.

    My question: Does this mean I will lose 02 frames after shooting the 12th frame?

    Can I do something to avoid this tragedy?
  2. The C220 is a very old camera now.
    What's probably happening is that the frame counter isn't winding back to zero after the back is opened. I've had this happen on an old Mamiya 645 that was unused for quite a while.

    There's a spring that winds up as the film is advanced. Opening the camera back releases a ratchet that should allow the spring to rewind the frame counter. The spring may have got weak or the mechanism got stiff, so that the frame counter no longer zeroes, or takes a long time to rewind.

    Sometimes just 'working' the wind on and release sequence will clear the problem. Otherwise the camera needs a service. Unsurprising after, what? 55 years or so!

    According to your other posts you own Yashica, Rollei and C330 TLRs. So the temporary loss of the C220 is hardly a 'tragedy'.
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  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I guess I can try it after finishing the roll.

    But, about the 2 frames lost, can I do something about it?
  4. - No. Not unless you re-roll the film in darkness and re-expose it in a working camera. Even then you'd run the risk of overlapping a frame.

    It's just a bit of film. Forget it!
  5. Thank you!

    I finished the roll today and checked the camera again.

    To my inspection, sometimes the counter resets, sometimes it does not.

    So I guess I just open- close until it does, then load the film.

    If there is further issue, I will bring it to the local camerarepair man.

    Thanks again!
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