Mamiya AFD or AFDii and 80 f1.9

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dave_luttmann, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Anyone using the Mamiya AFD one or 2 with the 80 f1.9 lens? What are your experiences?
  2. Yes - 645AFD and 80/1.9 C. Mostly with an old Kodak DCS645M digital back.

    Experiences - I love it!
    OK, I'm sure you wanted more specifics than that. What aspect in particular are you asking about? The electronic rangefinder-guided manual focus hit-rate wide open, perhaps? That can vary but in general I am happy with it. It is no better nor worse than using the same lenses on my Canon 5DII, which has a much more sophisticated AF system. When depth of field is about 1 cm on the subject, then just a few mm of camera (handheld) or subject movement between focusing and exposing can explain it.
  3. Ya, I was curious about the manual focus ability. I love the lens, and have been finding myself drawn back to MF.
    Wow...haven't heard that digital back mentioned in a long while!

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