Mamiya 7II curtain jammed?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by pietro_chelli|1, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone!
    A simple question. In the 7 II you can change the lens while having a film inside as long as you close
    the curtain to avoid that the film gets exposed. The last time I did use this mechanism, I noticed that the
    curtain in fact, does not go all the way to the end (the far right), instead it seems that the curtain
    stops moving to the right at about 3-4mm from the end. I am unsure if this is the way it is supposed
    to work or no. It seems to me that the wheel you turn to close the curtain does not do the very last "click" that brings it to the end.
    Can someone check if the curtain in their Mamiya 7II closes in a different way???
    I am posting a picture to show what I mean...
    best regards and many thanks to all !
  2. Pietro
    No this is not operating correctly. You need to be able to completely close the curtain or you will obviously have light leaks. You may need some servicing.
  3. ... to confirm Greg's assertion, with the lens off, and the back open, is there light coming through?
  4. Where would one send a Mamiya 7II for service ?
  5. Greg! Thanks. I thought that would be the case. I hope I can get some servicing somewhere here in Italy!
    best pietro
  6. Pietro,
    Mine closes completely, pretty sure your camera needs work. If you do have to send it to Mamiya, their service is top of the line. Great results and fast when I've had to use them. Good luck
  7. david_henderson


    I know there is Mamiya service in the UK, operated by the importers. If you have difficulty finding the Italy importer or service function try there to start.
    Warning though, Mamiya repairs are by reputation and from my experience , very expensive. If you have access to an independent repairer with access to parts, I'd look seriously at that.
    You might well find that the problem isn't with the curtain itself but with the gear than closes it, powered by that little flimsy plastic lever recessed into the base.

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