Mamiya 7II Clinking Sound When Turning Upside Down, Normal?

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  1. Hello everyone, I have a quick question. I just noticed when I turn my Mamiya 7II upside down, it makes a rattling or clinking sound as if there is something loose inside. I have checked the camera inside out and don’t see any parts moving when I invert the camera. From the sound of it, it seems that the moving part causing the sound moves along in a certain axis and not random to every direction.
    Now, I don’t remember if this always like this or not. The camera works perfectly, otherwise. Could you be so kind to check your camera to see if it is the same way? Thank you.
  2. Does it make this sound with film loaded ? I don't remember my Mamiya 7 ( not 7 II ) making that sound , I
    sold it around a year ago , so I can't recheck it for you :( . Peter
  3. I also makes the same sound when there is film in it. Thanks anyways, Peter.
    Is there anyone else who is willing to check his/hers? Thanks.
  4. My 7II seems to rattle a bit when I shake it, up or down.
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  5. It sounds very much like a solenoid armature (plunger). Have you tried firing the camera on the "B" setting, keeping the button pressed down while you shake the camera listening for the sound ?
  6. ————-
    Here’s what I did:
    Attached a lens (since the shutter is in the lens)
    Brought the shutter speed to B
    Depressed the shutter button and didn’t release it
    While the shutter button is depressed and the shutter is open, I turned the camera upside down and back up
    I heard the same clinking sound
    I released the shutter button
    The shutter closed
    Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  7. It was just an educated guess. All I can suggest now is to hold the camera very close to your ear while rotating it and try to determine which end of the camera the sound is loudest. That might give you a clue where the loose part is situated. A better way is to use a doctor's stethoscope if you can get hold of one, holding it firmly against the camera while rotating. Have you contacted any Mamiya specialists ? They might know.

    Now, another possible solution is to acquire an exploded view of a 7 II and see if you can find something that could obviously come loose, or something that actuates, and it may have it's spring missing. If the camera has ever been disassembled for any reason, tiny parts can be accidentally omitted during assembly but may not affect the performance of the camera.
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  8. If the camera functions as it should, i would not worry about rattles and clinking sounds. Mechanisms containing parts that are armed under spring load have released states in which there is no tension allowing the bits to rattle a bit.
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  9. OP - have just checked with my 7ii and it has the same clink when tipped upside down.
    Have never noticed it in when in use; now I can't unhear it damn you, hahaha ;)!

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