Mamiya 7 user's manual

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by kate_hudec, May 23, 2000.

  1. Where can I get one? Thanks.
  2. You can order one from Mamiya for $8.:

    Also features a discussion site for Mamiya 7.

  3. i tried the links and they no longer exist..If anyone has the PDF document of the manual for the M7 or M7II pls email me.

  4. mamiya has redesigned their site and the instruction manuals can be found under 'Customer Service'.
  5. Very useful info! I wanted to revive the thread for those who need the Mamiya 6,7 or 7II
    manuals. Mamiya wins a lot of points for having their manuals available in high quality pdfs
    for free. I have downloaded both the 6 and 7 manuals when I couldn't figure out a few things.
  6. NONE of the links listed here work any longer (as links to a user's manual). Mamiya has not only redesigned their website, but they've designed it so that the ONLY access point is for the Mamiya Leaf digital back. It's as though Mamiya wants all customer interactions to be associated with ONE camera. Makes it very hard to get support if you're not buying THAT camera.
  7. I found the Mamiya 7 user's manual. Lord, they made it difficult. It's available for download here:

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