Mamiya 7 and Horseman Angle viewfinder ?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by pietro_chelli|1, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone !!
    I have always had a big deal of help by posting on and reading this forum (many brains work better than one), so I am going to try once more!
    I have two Mamiya 7II bodies.
    I am very fond of this camera because to me, the color rendition the resolution and contrast are unsurpassable.
    I use these for my personal work, like street or environmental portraits, and would love to use it for my professional work, but never really had the courage to take it on a job, or an assignment. The main reason being, is that I don't feel comfortable in composing the frame through the (approximate) viewer. My work, in fact, requires a certain formal composition, so I kind of want to be sure that when I get my negatives back from development, I shot "exactly" what I wanted.
    So I had this idea: if I compose with a ground glass on one of the bodies, possibly with an angle finder, I can work out my exact composition, then I just switch cameras on the tripod and shoot my frame on the camera with film.
    Has anyone tried to adapt a Mamiya 7 body putting a ground glass on it, or even better a ground glass in a finder piece?
    I found the Horseman angle finder could be a potential candidate. I am trying to find the exact measurements to see if it could fit. I welcome other suggestions too !
    Thanks, Pietro
  2. Might do but I doubt it and don't recommend it. I have a Horseman angle finder that fits many, not all, Graflok/International backs. Y'r camera doesn't have a Graflok back, the best you can do is press the finder against the film rails. It can't be attached properly or permanently. Even so, pressing it against the film rails might work for composing so you should try it. I don't love mine, the view is somewhat dim but, again, that may not be a problem for you.
    If you need an SLR, use an SLR.
  3. Thank you Dan, I'd imagine it is going to be a hassle and that I will have to engineer some absurd way of mounting it, but to me it is worth trying. I have a 5DMII that I use for commercial work, but, to be honest, I am not at all impressed by the quality of it, or of the prints that come out of it. I am very keen in trying this option. It would be great to have the measurements of the base of the finder block, without the piece where the ground glass is attached - I believe this bottom piece can come off - I can't seem to find these measurements anywhere, and they would be very useful!
    Thanks, Pietro

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