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  1. When I press the shutter button(with the dark slide out) it will not auto focus, there is no display in the viewfinder and the shutter does not fire when i press it all the way. I’ve put 2 different sets of batteries in. I’ve taken off the lens and film back numerous times. The lens is 45mm 2.8 af. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. For closure. I had a second back on the way. When I put it on the camera I heard the sweetest sound, the autofocus! The display is on in the viewfinder. looks like it was the back.
  3. Poor contact between the film magazine and the body is a common M645 problem.

    I had one magazine that took some serious scrubbing (not wet, of course) of its electrical contacts before it would communicate the film ISO to the camera and meter. Without good contact, the meter would just flash and the shutter refuse to fire.

    Quite honestly, I had so many issues, and so much downtime with plastic-bodied M645s that I went back to using the metal-bodied 1000s, M and J bodies that I'd hoped to replace.

    Interchangeable backs - who needs 'em?

    BTW, I don't know if the AF version uses the same fragile mirror stop as the Super, TL and Pro-TL, but it's worth checking that this crappy bit of plastic hasn't cracked. If it has, your viewfinder focus will almost certainly be inaccurate. The part is no longer available as a Mamiya spare, and the only option is to get one 3D printed or laboriously shape one out of metal.
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  4. Thanks, I’ll check that stop. I’ll try and clean up the contacts on the other film back

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