Mamiya 6 light curtain not closing

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by steve_whetman, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Hi folks, I have a mamiya 6 I bought from Japan and paid a fair bit taxes to get to the uk. There was a problem with the film advance lever
    so sent it off to be repaired, but it's come back with a note saying the light curtain lever is cracked and I can't turn it. I'm sure it worked
    before I sent it off, but it was sent from one repair shop to another, as the first place couldn't repair the film advance lever!

    Does anyone know if there's a way around this if I unscrew the light curtain lever? I don't want to send it off again and returning it to
    Japan will mean I I'll lose rather a lot of money.

    Any suggestions appreciated!
  2. I'd look for another repair shop in the UK. If the light curtain doesn't work, you will have to change lenses is a light-tight change bag. Good luck!
  3. After much fiddling I managed to get it to close, change the lens
    and shoot a roll of film! The winding mechanism feels terrible,
    very flimsy and liable to break at any moment!

    Is it particularly flimsy for other mamiya 6 owners?
  4. Steve, I understand your plight. The winding mechanism isn't the most robust part of my Mamiya 6 but I have had no trouble with it. It should work OK with normal careful advancing (unless the repair people messed it up or forgot to re-install some part of it).As for the light curtain control, it should work OK, it also requires turning in one direction only.

    I would return it to the repair shop that caused the curtain control problem if it is nearby, or if you can visit at some time (pre-warning them of your arrival) and politely request that they make good on the repairs or suggest a remedy.

    One other thing and it may not be related, is that there is a little button on the right hand side of the camera that sometimes requires resetting in order to put the camera back into operation (one looses a frame in doing so). This may not have anything to do with your problem, but you might try pushing it in with a tip of a ball-point pen or the like.

    Somewhere I think I have a Mamiya 6 repair manual that I could send you (if I can find it).

    The problem these days is the lack of technicians that know and undertstand the Mamiya 6 or 7. Hopefully someone else will know more than me about the situation in the UK, or about your particular problem
  5. Thanks Arthur, and Anthony,

    I got it repaired at jps (johnsons photopia) so I'll give them a call and see what they think. Problem is I'm going on holiday
    to Japan on Monday and had planned to use it as my main camera. Thankfully I bought a Bessa ii as a back up so I'll
    take both :)
  6. Could you have it repaired in Japan?
    Maybe if the repair takes a while and they could send it back you in the UK the import duties/taxes would be calculated on the repair amount, not the camera value. Warning: I'm no expert on UK customs rules!

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