[Mamiya 6 & 7] Best places to buy used M7 in NY

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by slecoanet, May 4, 2004.

  1. Hello Everybody!

    Some of the members of this forum might think i'm insane, since I
    change my mind every two days about what used MF system to buy.

    What hasn't changed: I want to use sharp lenses to shoot landcapes
    (including street scenes)
    If it could be inexpensive, that would be great (I know I'm

    I thought about RB67, Hasselblad and Mamiya7. Each system has
    advantages and drawbacks (keeping my constraints in mind): format,
    prices, weight, compatibility,being reflex...

    My feeling is that the Mamiya7 has the advantage of 6x7 format,
    lenses seem to be sharp and WA lenses are affordable (as I said in
    another post, if you are ready to sell a kidney (-;)

    My question is: where could I find used Mamiya7 in New York city?
    I'll spend one week there and plan to buy my MF system during these
    holidays (for much cheaper than in Paris where one tried to sell me
    used M7II+80mm for more than 2500$ !!!)

    I know B&H and Adorama but if I'm unlucky, they won't have any at the
    So I'd need backup plans (maybe also better price? I don't know if
    it's possible) maybe Mamiya specialists

    Thanks to those who hade the patience to hear my story.

    Best regards

  2. Stephane - My only experience is with B&H. If B&H has a used camera that
    you want, how are you going to check out its operation during the first few
    days you are in NYC? B&H offers a 14day return on used equipment, with
    certain limitations. After that, it is a 90 day warranty on repairs. The used
    80mm for my 7II is just fine, but I had a full two weeks to check it out and return
    it if need be. My US$.02: not worth the risk if I live in Europe. A corollary is
    the plight of my friend who bought a used Hassy in Italy while on vacation and
    has spent hours and dollars on getting it in proper working order. David
  3. Also try Calumet, Lens and Repro, Tamarkin, and Foto Care. They all have websites and e-mail, so you could check to see what they have in stock before you come.

    There are several professional labs in town with four-hour turnaround or shorter on E-6 (Modernage, Coloredge, Duggal, Baboo, and others), so you could shoot a few rolls of slide film to be sure everything is working properly.
  4. Another option is to buy from KEH and have it shipped to the house where you are staying in NYC. They are very reliable and conservative on how they grade equipment. I believe they have 30 return policy so you could actually take it home with you and test it more. Their prices are often about the same as B&H or Adorama when it comes to the good used equipment. The last thing to think about is Robert White in the UK. They have great prices on new Mamiya that can often rival some asking prices for excellent to mint equipment in the U.S. That would give you a full warranty. They ship worldwide.
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  5. Stephane,

    Before going to Adorama you might wish to read comments posted regarding their used equipment. I second the favorable comments regarding KEH.
  6. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Buying new from Robert White in England is almost the same as buying used in the US and you get new equipment.
  7. Ditto on KEH. I just bought a Leica M4-P and an Olympus 85mm f/2 from them. Call 404-892-5522 and ask for Gail. She is real good!
  8. KEH and Robert White are both excellent and reliable sources.
  9. I got mine from Midwest Photo Exchange (mpex.com), another of the reputable national used dealers.
  10. Contact Robert White, but the big savings has been lessened of late with the dramatic slide in the USD to the Euro.

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