mamiya 190mm lens vs sonnar 180 ziess jena ddr mc ?

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  1. ok folks can you help me here lol?
    i have found a sonnar 180 ziess jena ddr mc at the goodwill , seems to be in very nice condition for 76.00 , i was at first thinking i would love to use it on a a cannon eos system but first my cannon is not full frame , and honestly i am not found of telephoto lens more like wides for for me on 35mm cameras but it dawned on me that it is possible to use this on my rb67 , is it ? they say you can use a adapter but lord it has been a hour of searching even on ebay with no luck , is this true , and if so can any one point me in the right direction. were can i search for this odd ball ?
    second what am i bargaining for i am simply in love with the 190 older non c lens for this camera , so is this adapter going to cost me hundreds more but show no better results ? is the 180 ziess lens different , better sharper etc than the one i have ?
    it is a heavy lens but so are many rb67 lens and i use the tripod in a studio with this camera so nope i am not going to go out and find a adapter for the cannon , i am still in the process of trying to find one for a super takumar 55 for that camera
    whats your thoughts is it a good lens ? , i believe it is a pentagon lens mount but not sure , for i know it is not a pentax screw mount .
    ok ,it doesn't have shutter in it so i don't want to go out and find a way to use it on the 4x5 linhoff master L
    what should i do with it if it doesn't fit or adapt to a rb67 , is there a body it does fit ??
  2. As you know, there's no shutter in the Sonnar - the Pentacon has a focal-plane shutter. Unless you're *very* fast with a lens cap, you're out of luck.

    A good example is a beautiful lens - heavy but fast, sharp, and with the classic Sonnar rendering. You could find a Pentacon 6 on which to mount it, or look at one of the P-6-mount Arax or Hartblei offerings; or else there are adapters readily available for Mamiya and Pentax 645 cameras (but you'll have to work the aperture by hand).
  3. working the aperture by hand is a given on the rb67 , so the lens seems suited to use on this format , but were are those adapters hiding ? id love to get one and a,b this lens with the 190 mamiya for you all asap , i believe the 190mm on the mamyia is a tessar design , so should prove to be interesting , from a boken point of view to a f8 or above sharpness interest , who can guide me on the internet to solve this quest?
  4. Whoa there Robert...back up the truck just a second. You seem to be in a rush of trying to adapt incompatible things onto each other.
    Adaptability is governed by many factors. Just pause and consider issues like:
    • Does the lens-to-film flange/registration distance allow room for an adapter?
    • How is the lens focused (external bellows or internal helix)?
    • Is the shutter in the lens or in the camera?
    • If the shutter is in the lens and the camera lacks a focal plane shutter, can the lens shutter even be cocked by that camera?
    • Is the lens circle of coverage sufficient for the film format?
    • Would the adaptation be rather pointless? (i.e. what does it give you that existing alternatives don't already provide? If there's no good answer, then there's no market for that adapter, even if it's technically feasible)
    For some of the above reasons, the ONLY kind of lens you can practically use on an RB67 camera is an RB67 lens.
    Less practically, some longer focal length, view-camera-type lenses with externally accessible shutter controls and custom lensboards might be mounted onto the RB67 (but this is kind of in the "pointless" category - it makes more sense to use a 6x7 or larger rollfilm back on the view-camera).
    So there are no "adapters hiding" - they simply don't exist because of the issues that Jean-Yves and myself have explained.
    find a adapter for the cannon , i am still in the process of trying to find one for a super takumar 55 for that camera whats your thoughts is it a good lens ? , i believe it is a pentagon lens mount but not sure , for i know it is not a pentax screw mount .​
    Nothing called "super takumar" is in a Pentacon (not Pentagon!) mount. I suspect you may have a 55mm f4 lens for the Pentax 6x7 camera. If that's the case, there are 6x7 -> Canon adapters easily available.
    Last point - to clear up confusion: you keep referring to a Mamiya 190mm lens. None exists AFAIK, so you must mean 180mm?
  5. Using the CZJ 180mm f/2.8 Sonnar on an RB67 (assuming you could mount the thing in the first place) will leave you with no shutter whatsoever. How do you propose to get round that problem?
  6. yep , there is no way , i really felt while trying to find info on the lens i came across some one suggesting this lens for the rb67 but i guess not , i have found adapters for a eos system but not being a full frame it would be like a 200mm or more so i think ill sell it , just stay happy with 190 mm on the maymia and the lens on the linoff ,ok off it goes to ebay , awww , any one need a a sonnar 180 ziess jena ddr mc cheap let me know thanks such a nice lens got me excited
  7. The 180 mm Sonnar is Wonderful lens, but, even if you could mount it on your 6 X 7 Mamiya, I don't think it'll cover that large a negative. It's my favorite lens for my Arax 60, even though it's VERY heavy.

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