Malware/Spam from one of your external ads I think

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by jay_hector, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Starting this evening I get this "Network Connections Error 623" spam whenever I log on to PN.
  2. I'm not sure that is spam or malware. Error 623 is a legitimate windows error message. I'm just not sure why it would be showing up when you visit PN.
    Is anyone else seeing this?
  3. When it first appeared I did a google search and came up with a spammer fix your computer site as the first hit in google. I had done a full backup over the weekend on the boot drive, and restored it and that seems to have fixed the issue. Later, I saw from another google search that it is a legitimate Windows problems, so something here must have triggered it I believe. Anyway, a dead issue now. Sorry if I wasted your time, but I figure it's better to let you know if there might be a problem than not let you know. Again sorry.

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