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  1. I am now working and shooting a good friend of mine who is a straight male
    model.(can be viewed in my portfolio under Cameron)this is new waters for me.
    We are trying to think of some ideas that we could do for our next shoot. I
    have always worked with the female gender. Everytime I get ideas, I think that
    they maybe to feminine. I almost want to take something feminine and make it
    macho. Not sure if that would work or not. If anyone has any ideas, no matter
    how far fetched they sound, shoot them my way. I would be interested in
    hearing from you.
  3. Julie, you've got some very nice work in your portfolio. Congratulations! I like what you say about not being able to put a camera down. I'm the same way. People think I'm nuts for always carrying one.

    Anyway, I haven't shot many nude or semi-nude males, but I'm always fascinated by how people are often afraid to approach the subject. First, what is it you're trying to convey about Cameron? If it is sensuality, the explore different poses and especially lighting. I think both the male and female bodies are very beautiful. How can you bring that out?

    I'm guilty of this in my fashion work, but I often conform to the norm when it comes to female models. If I ask myself, "what is it that I'm trying to convey about this beautiful subject?" I'm not sure I can answer that. But it's worth asking yourself. I was reading a good article in a professional photo magazine recently. It talked about a famous photographer who was only going to take about 10 minutes of his celebrity subjects time. He'd be an hour into snapping a few shots and getting to know the subject. All the while he was really trying to see what made that person special. Then he would spend 10 minutes doing his real work. So what makes Cameron special?

    From looking at his photos, he's young, he looks playful, but maybe a little shy. Perhaps not too sure of who he is, but not afraid of his looks. He's between boyhood and manhood, and that may be the most interesting thing I see. I'm only going off of what I see in the pics; he may be totally different in person. Wouldn't it be interesting to either move him backwards into boyhood, or forward into manhood. I think I like the previous better. What about some lighter photos, outside, maybe still very casual to semi-dressed, but put him with young themes. A puppy, football, sled (I don't know what the weather is like where you are). Try lighter, less harsh light using reflectors if you have them.

    The other way to go is to dress him up in a killer suit. Very professional, but maybe an undone bow tie and open shirt (sort of a rat-pack look). Maybe a funky hat. Use dramatic lighting from the side. Throw in your suitcase and a microphone and stand or something, like he's a crooner (hell, I don't even know how to spell it!<g>).

    I'm just brainstorming really, but I've been fascinated by the notion of shooting more male shots as well. Let me know how it turns out.
  4. Take a look at Antonin Kratochvil's book Incognito where he shoots portraits in "found " lighting outside the studio. He looks for unusual lighting that brings out the character of his subjects. Really great portraits and different. He is a member of the photo group VII
  5. Wow Michael. Reading your comment made me feel so in touch with what you are saying. I love random brainstorming attemps. Alot of the stuff you mentioned we have thought about. Cameron is an actor. He works in LA in the summer. He is extreemly talented and very easy to work with. I don't think I could have asked for a better person to work with. He will try just about anything once...maybe twice even lol.
    I want to take this opportunity with him before he goes back to LA this summer. I really have enjoyed reading your comment. I was smileing thinking, this guy really knows what I am after, and quite truthfully, you have picked up on Camerons style as well.
    I am so open to try anything. I was even thinking about having him roll around in chocolate syrup. HA HA It would certainly highlight his guns in a different way. I am excited to see what we come up with.
    I will keep some of your ideas in mind. I have a book I am taking notes in. Thanks again. Stop back if you can think of anything else exciting. Take care.
  6. Thanks John, I will have a look.
  7. Julie, Ha! I know from experience that chocolate is hard to photograph!<G> Maybe a series that starts with the "boy and his ice cream cone". Very innocent and boyish, then progresses through it melting, and finally goes awry and becomes a mad sexy mess!<g> Then it could end with the puppy (they like ice cream if you know what I mean). Man I am out there tonight and I haven't even been drinking!
  8. ahhhh but Michael I LOVE IT! That could be fun you know! I am smiling from ear to ear just thinking about it. Or maybe he's trying to cook for a date and ends up making a mess with the flour. HA HA. God, I love this dirty talk. he he
  9. I know, I can't go here in a public forum, so I just sent you my IM info<g>. Hope you don't mind.
  10. dont mind at all thanks
  11. I think Michael, I have to update my IM. Its acting funny and wont let me add you. Email me anytime you would like. I will do the same then.
  12. Check out my Jon series where my nephew did some modeling for me. It was fun and I think I caught some good moods for my shadow and light experiments.
  13. Couple of ideas. 1) Just follow your subject around for an entire day and shoot all aspect of
    what ever he/she is doing. 2) Explore your models with more perspective. I checked out
    your portfolio and seems like you liked a "standard" lens look with Cameron. Try to get
    close and personal. You don't have to show a model's face all the time. Start with some
    extreme close up of his eye, then two eyes, then a tight frame of his head. Then slowly
    work your way out. 3) OK, I have more ideas than a couple.;-) Grease him up with vaseline
    and spray water on him. 4) Ok, I am really cranking now. Get some face paint or body
    paint and start painting patterns, color what ever you have in your mind on his body and
    capture them in images. 5) As other members suggested already, dress him up in
    different things.

    Art is asexual so don't think of him as a male model. Think of him as a subject for your
    image creation.

    Get some mirror tiles from Home Depot and get some reflection of him in different angle.
    Try different lighting.

    The list is endless. Photography is an art. You should never run out of ideas. Make him
    happy, sad, angry and capture the moment. Make him cry and capture the moment. Make
    him nude and photograph him.

    Well, you get the idea by now.;-)
  14. Dont get hung up on making a male model 'macho' and a female model 'feminine'. It's a really sexist attitute. I really fail to understand why you would want ideas from other people. Don't you have any of your own? If you have a good model and no ideas I canlt help thinking you are in the wrong business. There are an infinite number of ideas and they are all inside your own mind.
  15. Geez David, lighten up. She's asking for ideas. She's in the casual conversation section. She's got some great shots in her portfolio. What's wrong with asking a question? Perhaps it's too much to ask a question on without getting insulted or intimidated by another member. This isn't high school.
  16. Hansen, great ideas! Its nice to see other peoples approach to things. I like the body paint idea. He is definatly a person that I can get creative with. Thanks for stopping in.

    David, I am not in a business. I am here as a member sharing ideas. I do have ideas of my own.

    Thanks Michael. I have got some good ideas brewing. Thanks to all that offered up some suggestions. It is appreciated.
  17. Julie, I admire your work. I like the idea of following him through his day. Will give you ideas. As far as your own ideas, don't worry about being too feminine. I think you should pursue what you consider erotic, and then his masculinity will come through. What are your fantasies? To see him working in a hayfield? On a car? getting dirty with whatever work he is doing (or a workout) and then showering afterward? Perhaps involve humor. I enjoy women nude or flashing in unexpected or public places..would that work for him? Do you want to involve another model? He could be a waiter, and his customer a woman? Good luck. You do a great job. Just have fun.

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