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  1. I've got two weeks in the Maldives in April. Now I know I'm probably
    stating the obvious but beyond stunning beach scenes, what else
    should I be looking out for to shoot? (Above water as I don't have an
    underwater housing!) Although having said that, can anyone point me
    in the right direction on an underwater housing for the D2X? And what
    lens one would use - I've got Sigma EX's 17-35, 28-70 and 70-200...

    Also, I've got two options (weight depending!) - sticking to the D2X,
    or possibly taking along the F100 too with a few rolls of Velvia for
    old times sake in addition not instead of the D2X!

    Don't own any ND filters - wondering just how good those sunsets and
    sunrises might be and whether its worth investing...

    Any thoughts?

  2. Neil, it will depend on which island you'll go. I was on two different islands just before the tsunami hit and there is little or nothing to see above water. Most islands are VERY small (walkaround time 10 minutes...). Check the website of the island you'll visit and that will give you a feeling of what to expect. I wouldn't bother lugging a big camera along; u/w is different... If you can afford, get a an u/w housing and a flash; I'd recommend the 28-70 as it is the most versatile lens. I bought a P/S with a housing, but it wasn't just good enough. Enjoy.
  3. cheers, we've got a week at the hilton adn a week at soneva fushi - I know at SF there will be nothing going on at all, but it is the biggest resort island there. Hilton is smaller but I'm hoping there will be trips etc.

    Anyone got any good metering tips for bright beach conditions?
  4. Incident meter.
  5. Study light direction. I went to the Maldives a few years back, and I found from studying various pics on the web, the turquoise water looked either fabulous or just dell, depending on the relative direction of the camera and the sun. That, and getting down so the camera was just above the surface of the water gave me the best shots. You'll do fine on exposure, I wouldn't worry about that - it's pretty intuitive.

    The sunsets are gorgeous (absolutely amazingly stunning), but they're more the easy type of sunset - point camera at sunset, get something cool sillouetted if you're lucky. Sometimes the water stays green looking when the sky goes red - that was kind of neat.

    Like someone said above, there's not much to shoot above water, aside from stunning beaches (which for me is paradise, I could shoot beaches all day) and palm trees. If you take outings to the villages, you can shoot the people and their daily life.

    You are going to LOVE the maldives. Truly the most beautiful place I've ever been - I actually cried it was so beautiful. (Granted, I'm a girl, and I love beaches.)

    Are you diving? or just snorkeling? Taking the D2X underwater is going to get ridiculously expensive if you're not a diver. You might consider renting a dslr in a housing if your resort has them maybe if you're just snorkeling.

    Also, if you have a chance, DEFINITELY sign up for one of the sea plane excursions. Truly stunning (and fun).

    Have fun, I'm jealous!
  6. The Maldives are gorgeous, but with limited photo ops above water, altho I could spend days just shooting the incredible colors of the water. I would make sure you are certified to scuba dive when you go, as some of the best imagery is under the waves.
    A few shots from our visit some years ago.

    Recommend traveling light, I would just stick with digital myself, with something for backup just in case.

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