Malaysian Borneo and Perhentian Islands

Discussion in 'Travel' started by neil_lupin, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Got 4 days in Kuching (Sarawak) to see the orangutans etc.

    Then 8 days on Perhentian Besar. Apparently August is a good time to
    spot turtles nesting? Also I want to find some great beach scenes to
    shoot - anyone been there and know of the most beautiful beaches to
    head to?

    Thanks, Neil
  2. Been on Perhentian and you will be hard pressed to find nicer place. Tioman doesn't really come close, nice though. I think I was on "Kecil" (Besar=big, Kecial=small) - makes sense to move around chalets and even to other island. Possible to do some jungle trails, also in the night if properly equipped, bats flying around chalets at dusk. Try to find yourselve place with view of sunrise of even better sundown ! Very nice place for diving too. Especially for learing if no licence yet. Btw - either I'll go to Pangkor or Perhentian again in mid August - so - eventually, see you there :)
  3. Thanks Peter. Is that a levetating rock in your picture!??!!?
  4. :)))) looks like, isn't it! I admit - I had to open orig. pic. to see what's up. It is rock which is barely protrude over surface of the beach and - it looks like shadow, right :)
  5. Just got back from Borneo and the small island. Great time 2000 photo's and abot 10 good ones :) Great sunsets and beaches all over the islands. Saw the turtles on Turtle island was great too. I have posted a few photo's more to come :)

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