making multiple copies of thumb drives of a sports event

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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this question BUT...
    I will be attending a sporting event with about 70 competitors running several days. I'll be taking a lot of photos. Our goal is to give each competitor a thumb drive memory stick with about 100 photos of the event. Once the selected photos are in a folder, I will then have to transfer them to about 70 memory sticks. What is an efficient way to do that?
    1. I have heard of ImageUSB as software utility that can manage the duplication, but I will need some sort of multiple port USB adapter. Can you make a recommendation, PLEASE.
    Thank you, John Ciccone
  2. If it's just files you could probably do it literally from a command prompt. You'd probably want the originals stored on an SSD to avoid thrashing from multiple reads going on. On linux or OSX it would be pretty trivial, just append an & to the end of each new copy command, On Windows it might take Powershell with start-job -"command".
    I'm also finding references to a simple tool called n2ncopy.
    There's probably a relatively small limit to the number of destination drives over USB for any given system (especially if your USB drives don't like thumbs) but you might be able to improve upon it by adding USB3 hubs until you run out of bandwidth. You might assume about about 10 batches of transfers give or take a doubling.
    Interestingly enough standalone optical disk duplicators are a thing you can just buy last I checked.

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