Making large prints from 4x5 transparencies

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by david_rice, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Just got into large format photography. I have a Crown Graphic
    camera. I have been taking transparencies with Fuji Velvia and Kodak
    E100VS. Now I want to make some high quality large prints. What is
    the best way to do this? I have heard LightJet and Cibachrome are the
    best. I want to have my transparencies scanned so I can remove the
    dust that seems to be unavoidable before printing. I need to find a
    good lab in the L.A area. What are you expriences or recomendations?
  2. David,

    I am a traditional (wet darkroom) kind of guy. However, I guess at this point I would suggest a quality scan of the transparency, and a digital print from that. Sorry guys, but it is easy and high quality.

  3. try west coast imaging, they advertise some deals occasionally and have a all in one price
    for scan& print. Check them out online, they can also send you print examples. I live in
    LA but have not used them yet. They are in Oakhurst- i don't know where that is.
  4. Try West Coast Imaging for outstanding Tango drum scans and Chromira digital printing. I've had exceptional quality and service from them. (Chromira is like Light Jet prints except it uses L.E.D.'s instead of lasers with better results). I've had trouble,especially with scans, from A & I labs in the L.A. area. Enclosed is a Chromira print done at West Coast Imaging in jpg format. Good luck.
  5. Scan and light jet seem to be the way to go. There is no good home reversal processing unless you want to make contrast and highlight masks. This is a tedious process and the masking film is now only made in 8x10 at about $300 a box. Some have experimented with using other films, but you can`t introduce even a slight color from the emulsion.
    I used to overexpose E-6 and underdevelope to cut contrast. Reversal printing is much easier this way.

    I now use Portra 160 vc for senics. Low contrast, nice color without being garish, and you may print on a variety of different contrast papers. Not many print color neg at home, but it is easy and I get profesional results without a hassle.

    The next step may be a scanner and Epson 2200 pigment jet printer. I saw some georgous prints at Calumet in
    chicago and was really excited by it. You can even print on watercolor papers and this is truely unusual.
  6. Both West Coast Imaging and The Darkroom do very nice jobs.
  7. Here is a half size image of a 4x5 Irving Klaw negative:<BR><BR><IMG SRC=><BR><BR><BR>Here is Irving's Babe shown at about a 10x13 foot print:<BR><BR>
    <IMG SRC=><BR><BR>The 4x5 film pack 4x5 negative was scanned at a "2400dpi setting"; with an Epson 2450 flatbed scanner.<BR><BR>A home flatbed scanner will pick up alot of the info in a negative; but not all. Many times they are great for making posters; or doing custom work quickly; or where one is far away ffrom a "drum scan".
  8. You might also try Paris Photo. They're in L.A. on La Cienaga.

    (by the way, Oakhurst, CA is outside of Fresno on the way to Yosemite).
  9. Holland Photo in TX does a nice job and do machine Cibachrome prints as
    well as custom work.
  10. A&I is a very good lab in L.A. They have facilities in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown, and Pasadena. More info at A&I website. They do excellent E-6 processing for 4x5. I have not used their scanning or printing services.
    West Coast Imaging is not in L.A. They are in Oakhurst, CA. This is near the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park. I have had many scans made there, and they do excellent work. Shipping by FedEx to Oakhurst works fine. They do Chromira prints. Results from the Chromira are similar to the Lightjet: both print onto Fuji Crystal Archive paper. The maximum print size for Chromira is smaller than the Lightjet.
  11. Another vote for west coast imaging... I met them in the view camera conference in monterey, ca. They were very nice and knowlegable.

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