making film holder for Perfection V600 scanner

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  1. I’ve bought Epson Perfection V600 scanner from ebay from seller who ‘conveniently forgot’ to mention that all film holders are missing. Frankly, auction price was so low I don’t want to return scanner back to seller.
    However, I am shooting 120 film with makeshift 6x17cm camera, so it looks like I need ‘Brownie’ film holder. Also, I’ve got very limited budget.
    Question to this scanner users: since I am planning to make a film holder myself either from paper/carton/black PVC: do I need to respect distance from film surface to scanner's glass or just make it as near as possible and perfectly parallel to the scanner's glass?
    Will V600 auto-focus or will it expect to find film surface at certain fixed distance? What this distance is?
    I am sure I can achieve it by adding layers of paper to holder's frame thickness… or am I living in illusions?
    Thank you
  2. I'm pretty sure it focuses at a fixed distance. I would look into the lomo or better imaging film holders to save your self a large amount of trouble.
  3. thank you, John. if you have such scanner model V600 - do you mind measure your film holder distance to glass with calipers? If this is not too much of the trouble, please ?
  4. If you want to try wet mounting, this holder is cheap and will hold any film.
  5. thank you, Peter.
    article say "To scan, place the holder onto the scanner resting on the cardboard legs". So, can I ask what is the thickness of the legs and what is the thickness of the glass, so I can understand what is distance from scanner's glass to the film?
    or you did not care because you user not-V600 scanner that can auto-focus?
  6. Spare parts Item 10 and 30 are the film holders for 120 and 35mm. Both together are under $15 total.
  7. Select Epson>Scanners>V600 to get to the page to see these parts.
  8. KC: The thickness of the glass doesn't really matter beceause you will be scanning through the acetate and not the glass. The thickness of the cardboard is not known beceuse more/less are added until a good focus has been reached. It can be anywhere between 1-3mm.
    I'm sorry if that note was a little unclear. I wrote it a few years ago.
  9. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    you can buy holders very cheap or just make your own.
  10. paul. The link you provided does not show the correct holders. There is no 120 film holder. I cannot tell from the picture that the holders in the picture are correct for 35mm. Kaugu, you should use the link I posted above and call the supplier to verify the parts I mentioned on my post above.
  11. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    thats weird, it says v600. oh well... yours are cheaper n he gets the idea they are available if
    he googles it.
  12. 'he' googled it and found :)

    part ID: 1516326 - Holder Assembly, Brownie for the Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner

    just what I need for my odd 120-type with 6x18cm custom format
    thanks everyone for guidance!
  13. I agree with the others. Just buy them from Epson instead of going through the trouble to make your own. They're cheap enough to get. I was surprised when I had to replace my wet mounting unit that disintegrated from the chemicals (found out it's very, very similar to camping lamp fact it's probably the same) and also a slide mount unit that broke.
    Just go to one of these recommended sites and buy them:
  14. scan directly from glass, see how it works. works for me very well on a V500 ...
  15. I've tried scanning directly on the glass but the negative curl was pretty bad so I tried a glass to flatten it and got good results and that worked except for the newton rings it produced. Someone mentioned raising the film around the thickness of a nickel. That worked ok but a pain making and using a mask so I bought a negative carrier from Epson. <vbgrin> Worth it eh ? Anti Newton glass is hard to find and expensive but should work just fine to flatten negatives. I did not see any bluriness when I scanned with the anti newton glass . The only problem was the newton rings. I'm still looking for a way to make a film holder better than Epson and I'm getting close.
  16. Camping light fluid is the same as lighter fluid. We used to buy It at gas stations during my youth at 35 cents a gallon, also was used as an inexpensive cleaning fluid. Can be pretty dangerous stuff but I still use it for cleaning and store it with care.

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