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Discussion in 'Sports' started by bsxphoto, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,
    This past year working on a newspaper I've done a ton of sports photography, mostly Pac-12 college sports but a little bit of professional sports. I'm in the process of making a sports portfolio and I was wondering a couple of things.
    1) How many photos do you generally have in a sports portfolio?
    2) In the past year I've shot soccer, basketball, football, baseball, and a ton of softball and gymnastics. Should I focus on my favorite sport to shoot or should I show versatility? I do a lot of photo galleries for my paper and I want to link those to my website when I finally put my website up but as for the pictures I just show to people, is it better to go with several portfolios, one for each sport, or just one portfolio with 1-2 photos for each sport?
    Thanks in advance!
    Joshua Bessex
  2. Hi Joshua,
    A portfolio must have something that brings the entire body of work together. You can tie it together via a theme, color pallet, or perspective, It does not have to consist of the same sport either.
    I am a HUGE fan of Bob Martin's Photography. His portfolio is advanced as it ties in all the above and the image before leads to the next image. Most start their portfolio off simple with color pallet or theme.
    My recommendation is to look at the flow of each photograph and how it fits into the body of work as a whole. Think of the selected 20 photos as one long image.
    Hope this helps. I just joined a few minutes ago or I would have responded sooner.
    I would be interested in viewing your work once it has been completed.
    Best of Luck.
  3. Only your absolute best photos. Be extremely critical, not emotional about the selection; if that means 10-15 images out of 1000, so be it. If it means very few images you have some additional shooting to do.

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