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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by michael_herzogg, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Hello,
    I have just bought an old Makiflex 9x9. But I am not sure how to
    handle the slow speed knob and how to release it. Second: I know
    there has been a Polaroid Adapter. Can anyone help me!!!
  2. Michael, It appears to be a museum piece. Try some auction houses.
  3. Michael,

    the large speed knob is for the short exposure times i.e. 1/15 thru 1/500. If you want to use any of these exposure times you turn only this large knob until the shutter is cocked and then expose by pushing the knob above the focussing knob. If you want to use any of the long texposure times i.e. 1/8 thru 4 seconds you set the knob for the short exp. times onto "B " and cock this one plus you set the desired long exposure time onto any of the long times and cock the timer for the long times as well, which means that both knobs have to be turned, then you expose by pressing the exposure knob.

    In writing this appears complicated which in fact it is not, try it ! You have a very rare camera btw.

    Yes there has been a Polaroid adapter, I just redently bought a Makiflex kit in good condition, Great camera, simple design but superbly made indeed, a LF (9x9cm) SLR.


  4. Congratulations new owners of a fine camera. I have the sister
    of it, the Pecoflex. Parts are hard to get. I strongly advise calling
    Plaubel and asking for reference material and a copy of whatever
    is in their archives on this camera. They sent me a bunch of stuff
    for the Pecoflex, including a parts list from 1965 with numbers of
    the parts you'll be wanting. Plus they might still have the
    impossible to find cable release, I bought one from them last
    month for a very fair price.

    My Pecoflex came with an adapter that allows me to use normal
    internation style backs with roll film holders, sheet film AND pola
    backs. It doesn't have a number on it, but Plaubel will know what
    it is. So you might want to hunt one of those down instead of the
    Pola back.

    Enjoy your cameras!

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