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  1. Does anyone know of any good mail labs for developing kodak HIE
    infrared film?
  2. Because I just know my local Walmart/Kmart labs would mess it up, thanks for any opinions!
  3. Try a local pro lab.

    I took my very first roll to a Wolfe Camera store, which is where I bought it. I figured, since I bought it there, they should be able to handle processing (they send it out, by the way). Wrong! Apparently the film was opened under IR light or safelight and fogged from one end of the roll. Also had numerous scratches. But, I did get two free rolls of HIE for my trouble, and my shots were local scenery, so I didn't lose anything valuable. The manager there did say they normally had HIE processed by these people without problems, but needless to say, I was skeptical of repeating the experience. I think their normal price for this developing was around $16 or so.

    Next two rolls, I took to BWC labs here in Dallas. They developed and machine-printed 4x6's for me, did a first class job, did it quick. It was expensive, around $24/roll or so total. You can also just have it developed and make a proof sheet, but the cost to make any enlargements (even 4x6's) is high enough that making a half dozen prints off the roll would have cost the same as machine-printing the whole roll in the first place.

    By the way, at BWC, I took my film in, and the first thing the saleslady did was put scotch tape over the lid on that canister to make sure no one popped it off for the regular processing. That was a good sign! She says even their equipment uses IR sensors, so they have to turn off the sensors and then make a special run with the IR.

    Last two rolls, I have processed myself, with no problems.
  4. You should really develop it yourself. I developed my first roll this weekend and every frame came out great. Its not that hard. Your results are more immediate and its a lot of fun. I wouldn't trust someone else to do it right.
  5. I wouldn't even think about mailing it out. Find a good Pro Lab in your area that knows what to do with it or--as suggested above--soup it up yourself. I guarantee you will be happier with the results.

    Michael D. D'Avignon

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