Mail-order or other source-cheap B&W processing?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by mark_jones|5, Nov 8, 1998.

  1. I am looking to get started in B&W photography. I am not yet set up to do my own developing, and I want to start experimenting and learning.
    Most of the labs I have checked charge more than color processing because they're not set up for it. Are there any mail-order or other sources which do lots of B&W and have a decent price? One of my first projects is to copy old family photos, and I need an economical way to process.


    Thanks for your help
    Mark Jones
  2. Try Overlake Photo. They have very decent rates, and they do mail order.
    Two caveats: Don't use them for Kodak TechPan, or Agfa APX 25. They only use Rodinal, and APX 25 is sensitive to their drying process.
  3. If you haven't done so already, you ought to run the numbers on the
    cost of setting up to develop-only at home. You will find that the
    cost of basic equipment (changing bag, developing tank and reel(s),
    chemical bottles, thermometer, a graduate or two, etc.) is equal to
    the cost of commercial processing for XX rolls of film (the exact
    number depending, of course, on what equipment you get and whether you
    get it new or used.) It is immensely satisfying to develop your own
    film, as it gives you complete control over the process (but nobody to
    blame for scratches, unfortunately), an unlimited choice of
    film/developer combinations, and the ability to get negatives RIGHT
    NOW (or at least a lot faster than the mail) if you really need to.
    So if you're going to shoot those XX rolls of film in fairly short
    order, it might be worth going ahead and just setting up your own
    developing outfit from the start.


    Be warned, however, that all developing tanks give off a colorless,
    odorless, tasteless gas which will feed your latent desire for an
    enlarger and a darkroom to put it in.

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