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  1. i was gifted a magnon autozoom 80-200 3.8 with a close up setting. Clean no fungus visible and seem okay with out any shots yet. 42 thread on a Praktica super TL ( which is probably the cream of the gift). So far I can not find anything on it so it is probably not held in high estee. ANyone know anything about it?

  2. I think this is likely another "house" brand applied to one of the many third-party lenses made in East Asia.

    I've seen a lot of odd-ball lenses from the latter days of Praktica, but not this one before.
  3. Might as well give it a try. If made in Japan (mid 70's to early 80') it might have been made by one of the companies that made Vivitar or Kiron lenses. Or maybe by Soligor. If made in South Korea the lens would be late 80's or more and would have been made by the maker of either Samyang or Zykkor. The later lenses would likely have a variable maximum aperture (more compact and less expensive)
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    Not sure about the 80-200 but I found a Magnon 35-200 zoom online, which appears to be a rebadged Soligor C/D 35-200 3.8-5.3.

    Several listings for Magnon lenses are on European eBay sites, so perhaps a European store brand.
  5. FBE297E9-A1B1-48F9-9850-25247DF52BB2.jpeg Figured as much but many 3rd party get a mention somewhere. It is an old big MFer but looks good through viewer. While I am at it my Albina is a chinon through and through and the lenses mount well on sears KSX Super. This white leather couch provides perfect backdrop for photographing equipment when I need examples for questions
  6. The focal length and speed, green MC, and the lettering in general, makes me think Cima Kogaku of Japan. Add a picture of the focusing index, if it's an asymmetric diamond, that's Cima. Their lens mounts are notable for being held on by four screws that are unevenly spaced. You can add a picture of that as well.

    They sold under their own brand (Cimko), and under many other brands. For instance Super Paragon PMC are Cima Kogaku lenses.
  7. Had someone describe me that way once.......
    Well, for the most part anyway......

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