Magnifying Diopter for Nikon N90

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  1. Hi,
    I have been trying to find a magnifying Diopter for Nikon N90.
    I was wondering if DK 17 M would fit the vie finder on N90?
    But at the same time, I was not able to find one available for sale.

    Only one I have been able to find so far is this.

    So wondering if there are any other options available.
  2. Seems like the right one is DK-21M. Many are available.

    If this is the right one, here is one example on eBay.
  3. Hi,
    I think DK-21M is suitable for D90, not N90 (film camera)
  4. Oops! :oops:
    This will be a good question to verify with Nikon customer service. Good luck!
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  6. We've got two terms mated together that define different products - diopters are for eyesight correction and a magnifier enlarges the viewfinder image.

    When I had a D2x I used a DK-17M to enlarge the DX view. It was an item that was available before the D3 came out to improve the view. In the time I had my D2x/DK-17M I never put the magnifier on one of my film cameras to see how it affected the view.

    Eric Sande
  7. If the OP is looking for a "Magnifier" ( so NOT a diopter) then the Nikon DG-2 Eyepiece Magnifier for Nikon D90 ( comes into mind, But since the OP is writing about a diopte and gives an example of what he is looking for , i found some diopters ( correction lenses for people who not want to keep their prescription glasses on) for him....
  8. I have the DK17-M but I don't know if it would fit the N90. It fits my Df (which I bought it for) and it fits my F3HP (which turns it into a non HP). It doesn't fit my FM or FE.
  9. This is one area that really need a compatibility table - wonder why the MIR site haven't made one - (or maybe they have?).

    Luckily for me Nikkormat EL/FTN, Nikon F and F2 photomic finders have the same tread diameter as Nikon DE-2/FA/FEx/FMx (and even my Fujica GL690), so I just buy a handful of Nikon FA rubber oculars whenever I am in Japan.

    The problem is that Nikon don't write a full compatibility list on the packages, so online shop descriptions rarely include all the models it fits.

  10. The N90/N90s bodies have the same diameter that started with the F3HP and has continued up to today. A DK-17M will thread onto an N90; don't know what the view is like, though.
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  11. Look in your owner's manual under accessories.
    I bought one years ago and never ended up using it, it's a pita to keep remembering to take the glasses off and then back on to take the picture. I thought the N90 has an adjustable one built in it?
  12. Yes , the N90 has a builting diopter corretion, but it is limmited, so if it is not enough the diopters for n90/n8008 etc. can be added...
  13. Back when I knew less than I know now, I wanted to buy a new eyepiece for my FE and mistakenly thought a 0 (zero) diopter must be the right one. I was surprised to learn that Nikon finders are natively -1 and a 0 diopter is not neutral, but is +1 in order to bring the finder to 0, which kind of makes sense, but didn't work out for me at all.
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  14. Just tested the DK-17m on my F801S, which has the same eyepiece / glass as the N90 / F90 / F90x etc. This physically fits.
    But, due to the magnification not the whole viewfinder contents are vissible, so yes it fits, but no it's not convinient ...
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  15. Guess this is the one, but the resultant effect probably does not meet expectation.
  16. Well , i guess that is the main difference between a "Magnifier" and a "Positive Diopter", the latter one is meaned to give a magnification without loosing a part of the viewfinder immage ....
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  17. There are an abundance of these magnifiers and viewing attachments of many different kinds, but knowing what to search for can be hard:
    2.3x viewfinder magnifier for manual focusing - Canon EOS Forum.jpg
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  18. As I said I put it on the F3HP and make the F3HP into the regular F3. Higher magnification and less eye relief. I bought it for the Df to manually focus better and it doesn't help but I can't see the entire frame at once.
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  19. No, a 'diopter' is used to correct for poor eyesight at the apparent viewing distance the viewfinder optics present the image.
    A magnifier is meant to magnify the image.
    When you need a diopter to correct for eyesight, you will still need that too when using a magnifier (a magnified image you can't get your eyes to focus on is still an image your eyes can't focus on). Now most magnifiers come with an adjustable eyepiece, so you get both.
  20. Thanks a lot for all the great discussion.
    Sorry to have caused confusion by mixing Magnifier and Diopter.
    What I meant was to look for a Diopter because I wear glasses and want to do a +1 or +2 correction.
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