Magnifier S on Rebel 2000?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by peter_langfelder, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. Can anyone please tell me whether a Magnifier S will fit a Rebel 2000 straight, or I need an adapter, or it's not usable? I have seen an adapter to fit the Magnifier S on higher EOS bodies, but no adapter for the Rebels, and I can't find information on whether the magnifier fits the body straight, or such an adapter simply doesn't exist. Thanks in advance for all answers!
  2. Yes, the Magnifier S will fit your Rebel 2000. It comes with a hinged, flip-up adapter which is screwed onto the magnifier. On some camera models, especially those with ECF, the pentaprism housing is too tall to allow the magnifier to flip up. However, it will work as is on your Rebel 2000, including flipping up to check the total image.
  3. I have used my Magnifier S with my REBEL (EOS 1000FN) and my Elan7E (which needs an adapter Ed-II)
    The Magnifier S is simply a loupe. It has a round screw thread that can couple directly to a round viewfinder (like some of the Canon FD cameras). REBEL cameras have a square viewfinder that takes an Eyecup Eb like the REBEL 2000 or my EOS 1000FN can mount the Magnifier S with the included flip-up adapter S. I also have flip-up adapter R (which is meant for Round viewfinders), but have not needed this adapter.
    The annoying aspect of using the Ed-II is that it cannot fit the flip-up adapter. This only applies to cameras that take a Eyecup Ed, and not to your REBEL 2000.

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