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  1. When I look at the pictures at the Stuff Magazine, Maxim, and some others, I can't help to edmire the lighting there. The way the girls are shown is as if there is a fill light, AND some other source of a bright light that mostly shines on their parts that "stick out" :), BUT at the same time they have really cool shadows on their skin at the places that are angled away from the direct light. All together gives such a great 3 dimensional effect! I know (and that's what I thought before) that something like this can be acheaved on Photoshop. BUT!!!! I live in one major city where almost all the videoclips are shot, and once I noticed that one crew was using some very interesting gel (filter, glass...) that did the job right there on the spot! It was amazing to see! I am sure that some of you guys are using it. WHAT IS IT? I really want to get one. Thank you.
  2. Mostly this kind of light is achived with a high power "ring flash". Such as this one (see attached image) made for the Profoto D4 & Profoto Acute systems. The ring flash head costs around US $800.00 and you need either a Profoto D4 or Acute 2 flash generator to power it. (see http://www.profoto.com)
  3. Your camera lens goes in the hole in the ring.
  4. Thank you for the reply! I will look at that flash - very interesting. BUT, what was that crew using was something that they put in front of their light - just like a gel, but it looked like a piece of glass. If anyone know what it is, or have any other suggestions - please help.
  5. You can get that effect on models skin in Photoshop. Play around with the Difuse Glow filter and a slight g.blur. Always do the filters on a duplicate layer, then you can tone down the effect through the opacity slider.

  6. Exactly! And that's what I was doing before. But when I saw this effect in real time - made with a piece of special glass (or something) I was amazed!!!! That's why I placed this question in the lighting section.
  7. it probably was a lighting gel of some sort, but the basic light quality is what you get from
    a ring light -- at least in the photo you posted. Next time you see one of these film crews
    working and they use this thing that you saw ask one of the grips what is being used to
    modify the light.
  8. Ellis, thank you for your attention to my question. I primerely was thinking about that "glass" because I wanted to use it with the stills AND video, but I am still pretty curiose about that circle thing. Do you know where can I see some pictures taken with it? Thank you.
  9. Bryn, I was doing it differently on Photoshop, but now I tried to use Difuse Glow filter and it gives me that "anti-glow" effect - it darkens everything. Do you use special diffusing or something? Thank you.
  10. Swap the background/foreground colours, that way the difuse glow will go towards white rather than black ;)
  11. Could be just frost filter...

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