Macros for documentation - stamps

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  1. Macro work is often necessary for documentation of small collectibles.
    Here is the official replica (1892, for the Columbian Exposition) of the first US postage stamp (1847).
  2. Chinese Souvenir
  3. [​IMG]
    with Naricss camera plus extension tube
  4. [​IMG]
    Macro with Minox
  5. Oceania
  6. Whilst appreciative of the skill used to obtain these images, I am afraid I am much lazier, and use a USB microscope attached to my computer to obtain images of errors and varieties on stamps.
    Now photographing insects, butterflies, flowers and other minuscule natural marvels - that is quite another matter, and my macro lens, extension tubes and ring-flash, supported on a sturdy tripod, can keep me occupied for many enjoyable hours.

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