Macro Reverse Ring and Extension Tubes

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  1. I am such a beginner, but your website has been such a help. I researched
    about macro photos and found out that a Reverse Ring or a Extension Tube would
    let me accomplish this with out a costly lens. Here is my problem, I have
    searched for instructions on How to use a Reverse Ring or the Extension Tubes
    but I can not locate any. Can anyone point me to a place that helps me out on
    how to use these items? I appreciate it very much and look forward to sharing
    my photos once I can get more educated and getting a lot of that education from
    this site. I have a digital Nikon D50. Thanks
  2. Try to get your hands on this:
  3. There's not much to it. The reversing ring locks in place, like a lens, then the lens filter mount screws into the reversing ring. Therefore, your reversing ring and lens must have the same size filter mount. Focusing will do very little to affect the image, and you must move closer to or further away from the subject to get it in focus. That's all you can do. It is not very versatile, but good results can be had.

    An extension tube fits between camera and lens (thereby extending the distance and allowing for closer focusing). The lens focus can be used to some extent. If you want to get closer, get a longer extension tube. If you want to get further away, get a shorter tube. Play with exposure to learn how much compensation you need with each, but that's the basics.
  4. For which lens?

    Reversing ring - you need a BR-2A, which has a 52mm diameter filter ring. If your lens needs a larger filter, then you need a 52mm -> ?step up ring to attach to the BR-2A.

    Extension tubes - plenty of extension tubes on ebay, and other large camera stores. Question is, how long of an extension you need. Again, depends on which lens. You may want to start with the PK-11, PK-12 and PK-13. There are many others.

    NOTE: neither option (BR-2A or ext. tubes) will meter with your D50.

  5. Don't waste your time or money on the Nikon Extension tubes. Instead, go to B&H Photo and buy the Kenko Auto Extension tubes. You will have full lens function including metering and AF with the Kenkos. I have these and they work like a dream. They are also more froogle for what they cost compared to the Nikons. The three piece set is the best value. Later on, you could add the other two lengths that Kenko makes. The Nikons are all sold idividually.

    Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set DG (12, 20 & 36mm Tubes) for Nikon Digital and Film Cameras B&H Price: $169.95

    The Nikon BR-2A is the proper reversing ring and for its price, its worth getting. Don't try getting one off Ebay, you'll wind up paying more than new price and shipping for it. This is an item best picked up from Adorama or B&H. I don't have one, but its on my list of stuff to get one day.

    Go with the Kenko Extension tubes, I know these work very well.
    My $0.02

    Charlie Johnson
  6. Maybe you would like to read this article:

    Hope it helps.

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