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Discussion in 'Macro' started by G-P, Oct 21, 2016.

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    Think big!
  2. Think big? Think close up!
  3. Bee close up
  4. Shrub leaf on my back porch using an extension tube and 50mm prime.
  5. Radu,
    When you photograph drops, such as the image posted above, do you use water, or do you use something else like glycerine? I'm curious. Your macro images have such a distinctive look, always striking and lovely.
  6. Laura,
    In all my photos I used only water,I know that some photographers use glycerine for this kind of photos(I saw few tutorials) that indeed is more easy to stick on subject.I like water that in my opinion is more natural and can repeat few time if do not like position without damage the flower or other subject I had.Sometime is hard to have the drop in position wanted but effort worth it imo and is my pleasure when result is I want.I think also is a bit of difference on reflection between water and glycerine.I try to have each time a new idea and something new to show here and see impressions.
  7. Radu,
    Thank you. I also use water. As you say, it is more natural. I often gently spray or mist a plant, then let the water take its own path. Sometimes it works well, other times it is merely a drink for the plant.
  8. Thanks Glenn, I hope this turns out to be an active forum.
    My favourite subjects at the moment keep me busy as there is something new to photograph popping up every time I go out in the woods.
  9. Gordon,
    Very nice, on every level. Our forests around here have been quite dry, so the fungal subjects are limited. I really like the details in the leaves (beech, elm?).
    This forum will get a lot of use, from photographing jewelry to the barbs on bug legs. There have always been questions about macro photography across forums, so now they will have a home.
  10. This macro shot was taken with a Canon MPE65 lens which is a 1x-5x lens.
  11. Gordon,
    this looks so attractive,soft light shows all this warm colors very pleasantly.Details are very well seen,especially on under mushrooms,is one of my favorite subject on walks time in forest.I am curious what lens did you used here and settings if possible to say.
  12. Laura, the leaves are beech. These chanterelles are partial to growing in concentric circles outwards from the trunks. We had a very dry summer and I anticipated a poor showing from fungi. I've been pleasantly surprised that the opposite has turned out to be the case. While higher areas of my woods have seen fewer fruitings, the slopes and lower spots have had a major increase.
    Radu, I used a 60mm efs canon macro lens on an eos70d. I have been struggling with sorting out focus stacking, so this was the result from a stack of several frames. Most were taken at 1 sec - f8 with two frames taken at 1/8 - f2.8. I like to use the 2.8 frames after the stacking in conjunction with masks to paint in soft focus were I want it. All of this took place with the camera on a tripod with mirror lock up engaged, a 2 sec shutter delay and remote shutter triggering.
  13. Bee in flight.
  14. Gordon,
    good to know how you work,for most of my macro that has subject in different layers that can not be all in focus I used as you do multiple shots.What I find interesting is way you used few with f8 and mix after with some with f2.8 and I understand well why.About mushrooms this year indeed in my area too was less than before,nature is in change for sure.Thanks for answer,appreciate.
    I want to upload a mushrooms photo here but can't do it when confirm this response and photo says is a spam,don't know why.
  15. even cr*ppy 500mm catadioptrics are sometimes able to focus astonishingly close
  16. Here is a crop from a shot of a bee taking off from the edge of my birdbath.
    Here is the link to the original.
  17. Thanks for the new forum. This sawfly might have been a 'Monday in Nature' were it not for the 'hand of man' - literally in this case
  18. Going by Gordon's interesting looking fungi shot I wonder whether a mention of size or scale should be added to avoid the Banzai Tree effect where it's not obvious the subject is that small or large. Flies and insects next to someone's finger as others have posted are obvious.
    Just something to consider.
  19. ....
  20. Tim,
    I had a look on google to see what is ''BanzaiTree effect'' on photography but did not found something,can you explain please what is this.
  21. I've found some examples of beautiful macro photography [HERE]

    The images are not made by me... though i wish i would have that talent.

    Moderator Note: Images deleted. Please refer to Terms and Conditions of Use and User Guidelines: do not post images that you have not made yourself.
  22. Sebastian,
    Please, don't post photos that you don't take. A link to the image or site is fine. This is a policy. They are nice, you're right about that.
  23. Fooling around with macro lens and African violet.
  24. [​IMG]
    Leaf Hopper on Star Gazer Lily

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