Macro for copying slides or digitizing slides or negs.

Discussion in 'Macro' started by gerrysiegel, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. There are many options out there for slide copying...some very costly and some are a living for folks with the time and hardware. And it is sometimes a tedious job to make digital files of fifty year old slides. I have been putting together a rig to copy stereo 23 X24mm stereo and 24X36mm mostly Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides. Since I have a good Canon FD lens array including a 50mm macro,I decided to look for a Canon Auto bellows with slide copy attachment. B and H sold me a mint used one in box for 160 dollars. Trick though is getting the whole image on a smaller micro four thirds sensor with little image loss. I am sure that I could do more imaginative things. Yet I decided while there was a fifty dollars off sale to by the Metabones Ultra FD to m43 adapter last week to try one out. Tested it out yesterday and lo and behold the advertising is right. It actually improves the quality of the base lens and gives a wider field of view than the 2X crop. What a fascinating bit of optical wizardry. It does not come cheap, but until Olympus actually builds a slide copier/bellows for its cameras..or Panasonic gets around to it, it does work. I will post one photo, which was challenging from only a white balance standpoint. Got to play with WB more in camera and less on PS CS 6. But not bad for government work :) But it takes very very little time to make a copy and little enough time to tweak the JPEG. (PS: Yeah, I had a 170cc Plymouth Valiant back then. Decent US compact. Not slant six. PPS: Copying stereo to view in digital 3-D, I am working on it, still working on it..indefinite,,.)
  2. Well done. For dust busting and scratch repair check out LaserSoft Imaging's new SRDx plug-in for Photoshop.
  3. Nicely done Gerry. That is a very enjoyable result. I just finished putting together my set-up for my aps-c Sony 5n with a Nikkor 55 micro pre-AI that I got for a great price at KEH.
  4. I am going to look into the software, Ellis, thanks for suggestion. There was a hair on the first shot I took, which had the old fashioned spritz your little sister in the tub pose. I managed to clean well with a blower and lens paper, but the small size of the slides makes it hard to get it really clean without attention. Anyway, nice to preserve the old ones while one can. In a stereo viewer of course, Kodachrome still blows one away. 23 by 24 mm film chip. I guess I could reduce the purple cast more on this copy. I tried and did not succeed. I do not even recall whether I had an electronic flash back then, much less any softener.( So the hard look was what one got, the Weegee effect considered so retro. Maybe retro will return to fashion. And SHARP too)
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