Machinist to Modify EOS Body for Zeiss Lenses

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by brent_bennett, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I would like to know if anyone has experience with, or knowledge of, a machinist who can modify Canon EOS bodies to take non-Canon lenses. I would like to identify any one who has experience in lens mount body modifications for any type of lenses. My specific need is to mount Zeiss Contarex lenses on a Canon full-frame digital camera.
    I am aware of the minimal distance between the two mounts, and the problem of the Contarex lens aperture ring being at the base of the lenses. My goal is to continue using my Contarex film cameras and also use a Canon digital camera that can use the same lenses.
    Thank You
  2. S.K. Grimes is probably the most well known in the business of unusual camera modifications. I've also seen reference to for the specific issue you want. However, if you're willing to work with a local machine shop, they could probably make what you need. Since you have a fair amount of working distance (2mm) (as opposed to adapting EF, to say Konica AR, where you have something like -1.9mm of working distance), all that would have to be done would be to remove the EOS mount on the body, and fabricate a a new mount with the back configuration and screw holes of the original EF mount, and the front side with the Contarex mount. If you have access to the Contarex mount, and precise measurements of the distance from the front of the mounting flange to the film plane on both the Contarex and EF bodies, all that would have to be done is make sure that the new mount makes the Contarex mount on the EF body have the same flange to film plane distance as the Contarex body.
  3. Make sure that you get the right SK Grimes:
    SK Grimes can do it if it's possible. And they might even be able to do it even if it isn't possible!
  4. This seems to be a difficult solution, for a simple problem (or I am misreading things...)
    I sometimes like to shoot just Zuiko OM lenses on my EOS 20D. I just leave the OM-EOS adapter on the camera mount full time and remove the lens from the adapter and put a new Zuiko lens on. This way, I can always turn back to using EOS lenses if I like to :)
  5. Agree with Kasper - why not use lens adapters instead! You would actually limit the lenses you can use by changing the lens mount!
  6. Have an adapter made rather than mod the camera. Get a Canon male from Canon service and a Contax female from a cheap used body. This assumes you can not buy one from Novoflex or somewhere.
  7. "Agree with Kasper - why not use lens adapters instead!"
    I doubt that you'll find such an adapter. So you'll need a machine shop, even if you want a custom adapter. Hence, the SK Grimes recommendation.
  8. Brent,
    A few fundamental issues:
    The back of your lenses need to clear the operating mirror of the full frame EOS body while focused to infinity. I tried this with a 50/2 Contarex Planar lens, not even close! I had, for testing purposes only, temporarily modified the lens to mount to my Canon 5d by substituting the Contarex mount to a Nikon/EOS adapter + shims. The lens protruded too far into the mirror chamber when focused to infinity. You would need to measure this for all your lenses.
    The other issue is the diaphragm operation from the camera body, tough to do this from an EOS! You would likely need to design and fabricate an entirely new camera body or lens barrel...
  9. Maybe the best way to get to a 'Digital Contarex' is to shoot film and scan.

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