Machine learning creates professional level photographs

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  1. Seems to me a very special person, who died recently, who's words of her song seem to fit nicely into this post.

    And finish it.
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  2. Okay, Phil is in communication with the bloke upstairs.Allen

    Uhm, no, that’s not what I’m saying when I’m saying that the human condition is by definition beyond the grasp of A.I. Phil.

    I suppose the bloke upstairs, and his high Priest, are all knowing.Allen
  3. ....

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  4. I'm seventy-one, and my cameras are now definitely much smarter and quicker than I. Family, friends and photo club colleagues say my photography is still improving, and I get deep satisfaction from how much they seem to enjoy my images. I see A.I. as an ally, and rarely object to the way it improves my images.
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  5. I think smartness comes in many forms, besides quick thinking. Sometimes it’s good to slow down, take a step back and take in the bigger picture. AI may just be your ally in that, letting you see deep and wide by taking care of the finer aspects. You are wise enough to understand that unlike many, who jump up to attacking upon seeing the words AI and art being used together :).
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  6. Hmm, humanity is so smart and aware.

    But the reality is we have a source code, just the same as a computer programme...the double helix which governs all life on on earth and its variations.. a monkey or banana. Just the same, a little variation.

    The source code was added to which we call evolution. So, let us have a think, can the source code of a A1 be added to through evolution? A understanding of its environment, a evolution, or, at least to adapt.

    Troubling thought that many scientists grapple with.
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  7. "
    "Sometimes it’s good to slow down, take a step back and take in the bigger picture" Sup.

    I have a odd moment of cruelty. The sufferance of being human.
  8. I struggle with simple souls.

    I don't understand,why they don't try to move on from being a simple soul.

    Education, takes some effort. but the rewards are golden..
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  10. Facebook shut down A1 robots because they were developing a language which no programmers understood.

    Was this language based, and loyal, to their source code? that question is open to speculation, because the reality is, it is a question mark.

    The real world.
  11. My first thought is that optical color printing from negatives has used color balanced based on
    averaging over the whole image since close to the beginning of color negative film.
    That is very simple, but automated.

    The parts that take artistic input will likely not be automated, but the parts that don't
    take artistic value, might as well be automated.

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