Machine learning creates professional level photographs

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by movingfinger, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. No fear, Phil.

    A1 will be a friend of humanity, helping to cure all disease, and will take us to the stars.

    A friend, not a fear.
  2. Goodnight.

    And God bless.
  3. "protecting small individual creatives) rather than caring about and protecting individual privacy" Phil.

    Phil, you have dragged me out of my slumbers, hoping for pleasant dreams.

    Phil, the world is so simple to understand. It is, and always been about the coin. If you have it, well just great, if you have not well tough.

    Coin makes coin that simple and the world goes around.

    The world does not care a monkeys about individual freedoms, and less in the future.

    The coin is God, in this world, if you believe in anything else you are in fairy land.
  4. If you need serious medical treatment and have to put your trust in the state, well, there is a long waiting list in the best of health care countries.

    Got the cash- you are there tomorrow morning.

    How simple is that to understand.
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  5. It is all very simple. Unfortunately, as a species we struggle with such a concept. Our moirés, and culture, create a hardiness of soul.

    Scientific thinkers, at the edge of science, have come to this simple conclusion...yes, really.

    A simple song.

  6. I'm not sure what is happening here as this thread grows ever longer.

    But so far as AI goes, someone said that they hoped our new machine masters would be kind to us, perhaps as pets?
  7. "Our morals, and culture, create a hardiness of soul" Allen

    Nationalism, racialism, ageism, homophobia ,culturist believes and the list goes on, Phil. These are the road signs of a backwoods culture, still very much rooted in tribal basic believes, struggling with concepts of civilisation. Perhaps not a hardness of soul more of a baby soul constantly soiling a nappy.

    "Nevermind your freaking vacuum cleaner remembering your name; science won’t give you an adequate answer to a question that people have been grappling with for thousands and thousands of years throughout philosophy, religion, and art. And neither it should". Phil.

    Science is knowledge and the understanding of the universe and our condition. It offers real answers to our understandings; your fairies at the bottom of your garden, offer only weird dream concepts in your imagination world of fantasy. Sort of like being sold snake oil.. .
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  8. Just for you, Phil. Cause you love little furry kittens.

    A bit of a story.

  9. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Gents - there are plenty of POLITICAL sites - this is photographic.
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  10. "Gents - there are plenty of POLITICAL sites - this is photographic." Sandy.

    It is all Phil's fault Sir, he led me astray. I was merely discussing that the search for life out there in the great beyond ( Seta ) when life is being created on earth in the form of A1 intelligence.

    And of course another form of life can create Art.
  11. Personally I would give that Phil, six of the best, and not hold back on the swing;))
  12. Indeed.

    Doubles all round.

    But, we are strangers, in a strange land.
  13. A common language does not mean a common culture.

    As, I found out with mate Fred, aka the shadow.
  14. @ AI has the potential to become more intelligent than any human, we have no surefire way of predicting how it will behave. We can’t use past technological developments as much of a basis because we’ve never created anything that has the ability to, wittingly or unwittingly, outsmart us. The best example of what we could face may be our own evolution. People now control the planet, not because we’re the strongest, fastest or biggest, but because we’re the smartest. If we’re no longer the smartest, are we assured to remain in control?"

    One day, that one day, Phil.

    That tin can.
  15. Phil,

  16. There are too many smart people who have no common sense. Being wise does not come from information. Those are just facts. It's what you do with them. And AI has no idea. Computers just add ones and zeroes. Maybe very quickly, but that's all they do. The programs behind them are written by regular people. The guy who wrote the Boeing jet stalling program missed a few things. The computer failed and crashed the plane because it could know simply from other data that pushing the plane down was not the right thing to do. The failure was in the human program. It always will be. Computer cannot think. They are not wise. They could care less if the plane crashes and kills all those people. They have no souls. They just follow the program of the human who wrote it,right or wrong, good or bad. There's no thought, no wisdom, no Truth.
  17. Speaking of AI and photography, whoever invented those menus for my digital camera should be tortured.
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  18. Right back at ya.

    Driverless cars. They’re the wave of the future, soulless as they are. A day will come when they will likely be safer than cars driven by humans, especially if the oh-so-soulful humans continue texting and applying makeup while driving. Having a soul doesn’t mean having “good” intentions just because it means having intentions. There are plenty of unsafe and stupid souls driving cars. So, I don’t particularly care whether what’s driving the car is a soulless program/mechanism, as long as it’s safe. Whether it “intends” to prevent an accident or is programmed to do so doesn’t matter to me. I’ll take the safe route.

    Though a programmer may intend for the AI system to make art, at a certain point the programmer has no intention or even a guess as to what art the machine will make. The machine will be closer to the art than the programmer. The programmer programs the machine to go well beyond the programmer’s ability to specify the results of his own work.

    You’ve heard of Frankenstein, who built the sympathetic monster who humans simply couldn’t understand? There’s a Truth for you. And I’d posit that the monster had more good in it, though soulless, than a lot of the people with souls who went after it.

    Goodness is not merely a matter of intention. It can be found in results. Though it’s up to those with souls to judge something good or not, it’s not only the actions of those with souls that produce good. Nature produces good, which humans then recognize as good. Machines produce good as well, sometimes by being programmed to go beyond what a human is actually capable of, like driving emotionlessly or without the possibility of human distractions.
  19. One of the failings of beings with souls is that they sometimes tend to blame others for their own laziness or inadequacies.

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