Machine learning creates professional level photographs

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  1. Anyway, time for a photo......because that's what we are all post.jpg about.
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  2. The question is

    how does the Ai get to the place where the 'moment" happens?

    looking for the Ai on the hiking trail.....
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  3. Satellite.
  4. I saw an interesting article on AI produced art (disclaimer: haven't read it fully). I thought, it would be good to share it here. There is a lot of scientific material and insights into how an AI based algorithm might analyze art and create new images that (at least) attempt to emulate creativity based on what humans appreciate and what has been done already. Could be an interesting read if written well.

    AI Is Blurring the Definition of Artist

    At the end, the authors write this snippet which I am quoting here. They draw an analogy between the role of a human artist in an AI produced art to that of a photographer.

  5. Thanks for the link. I will read it. Just want to say for now that friends and I were recently discussing this very thing. I pointed out that "emulating creativity based on what humans appreciate and what has been done already" is almost an anti art stance. I like to think of art as, perhaps, a small dose of the above with a larger dose of changing what humans appreciate and doing what has not yet been done. How do we get AI to do that? :)
  6. Thanks Fred. I will read it too later in the day when I have some time. I am not an expert in this type of technology, but I like to think that what we tend to appreciate and a subset of what we might in future (but not yet) are somehow encoded in the art we have already produced through the ages. A machine might be able to retrieve those hidden trends and create something whose appreciation is already within us, but we are not aware of. That might surprise us. Of course, I don't understand most of it, and this is just a speculation. Also, I don't think a machine is capable at this stage of thinking revolutionarily like many of the human artists, or changing the definition of taste itself as Dadaists had done, for example. BTW, by "what has been done already", I meant to say, create something new by analyzing what has been done already and missing.
  7. "meant to say, create something new by analyzing what has been done already" Supriyo.

    In a our self, we believe we are specially unique, something wonderful.

    For a lifeform that destroys its habit, kills other lifeforms without mercy, breeds them to eat....oops forgot, murders each other with enthusiasm.

    Seems to me a somewhat tragedy, that Shakespeare himself, could not have penned.

    Perhaps A1 will correct this tragedy, and enable intellect/intelligence to move on to a better place.

    The child of humanity.
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  8. "Computers aren't built to grasp such immediate recognition of conflicts simultaneously, and it's the difference between what makes a mathematical formula and what makes us human" Phil.

    Phil, we have moved on from the abacus, slide rule and the calculator. In the terms of human achievement this has been done in very little time and the snowball travels faster and faster and grows larger and larger.

    Many eminent scientists and thinkers believe computers and software will grow more powerful and sophistication until they achieve consciousness. Intelligence, intellect and imagination will be part of that conscious. It is all about "just a matter of time" and very little time at that. Do not confuse what we can achieve today in what can be achieved tomorrow-they are two worlds apart. But of course we are very special unique touched by something divine so we believe. So we believe.

    We are like waves and stillness is non-being.
    We are alive because of this, that we have no rest.
  9. Intellectual understanding, Phil. Methinks you have become a little lost soul in the page of a book.

    So, the aim of a book may be to instruct,
    Yet it can be also used as a pillow;)
    Although its object is to give knowledge, direction, and a mental profit.
    So, Phil, their are books and books, maybe you need to question the book, which you take on the same path yet again and again. Think, you the same set of tracks going to the same destination on a timeless loop.

    The same thought, the same words- that mathematical equation- can we call it the endless equation.
  10. Lack of understanding and perception are always a delight to a mind that follows them.

    To learn and understand is not merely about a self-presence.
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  11. ;And this forum is about the challenge of though, to my mind not a disrespect , for other posters, and their thoughts.

    Very important distinction.. hard as the challenges maybe...…

    And never a personality like or dislike. Philosophy , is about the purity of thought of a honesty of persuasion and indivudaual percection.
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  12. emotion and all emotion is potentially destructive, like the act of creation itself. Phil.

    The page you are lost in Phil, a deeply religious person writing in magnificent prose, seeking understanding to fundamental questions regarding religious believe.

    The emotion/imaginations does not have to rely on our baser instincts indeed Art itself leads away from our so called animalistic behaviours. Our fellow species can live in harmony with other species when the are not in " be eaten or eat " survival mode..

    We can too, Phil. And if we cannot time to move over-nature will decide as it does for all life forms.
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  13. ;))

    Phil, I had a word with the bloke upstairs. Hopefully, if you can be really good especially to Fred the Shadow....well ,you could be reborn as a little fluffy huggable kitten. How nice would that be for you. Just think, some folk will have a little fluffy kitten called Phil ,to love and cherish forever.

    "We can too, Phil. And if we cannot time to move over-nature will decide as it does for all life forms" Allen


    Pantheism: Nature is God
  14. "often, we confuse AI with the science fiction concept of 'self-being' that would occur at a point called "singularity", whereby the platform becomes aware of itself and subsequently possessed of an independent cognition and value system" Papa.

    So, you are saying, that at any point in time, A1 intelligence/intellect will never achieve what you call" independent cognition and value systems " The value systems are already there.

    You thoughts fly in the face of a majority of advanced thinkers who are involved in these studies.
  15. "To mockingly say that the Judeo-Christian God is a “bloke upstairs” Phil.

    If we choose to believe in a divinity, one thing is absolutely taken, is that he/she or whatever would have a very good sense of humour. Indeed does ot all the words say that we were created in his own image.? There's a thought Phil.

    Bottom line Phil. God is love which conquers the books say Is not that what all humanity seeks? Especially cuddle kittens;)
  16. "On kittens, there’s this cool dude in Russia who helps and feeds stray cats and kittens (often in the form of these scruffy ultra squeeze-huggable little voiceless entities). Watching his videos is soothing to the human soul" Phil.

    How nice is that.

    A love that soothes the human soul.

    Could that entity just be love.

    Love seems to work anywhere and everywhere.

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