Macbook calibration with Pantone Huey

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  1. Hi!

    Can not get any good result with Macbook calibrating by Huey.
    I have done several calibrations by Huey on PC's (Windows XP) with LCD with perfect results.

    Samsung 173p Plus succesfully Calibrated on PC:

    Macbook with factory color profile:

    Color profile is changing when I just start calibration software, before any calibration steps:

    Color become far from ideal after calibraion process:

    What is the problem, glossy Macbook LCD or some software bugs (last version from
  2. You sure are stacking the odds against yourself. The huey is a questionable calibrator to begin with and then you try to use it on a notebook computer LCD screen. You need a better calibrator and monitor for color-critical applications.

    Also, I'm not sure what the shots you posted are supposed to prove.
  3. I have not used the Pantone Huey before, just the EyeOne Monitor, so I can't say whether the software is OK or not. However, are you saying after you calibrate your MacBook, everything looks off color, or just some of your own image files. If it's just your old image files, it's likely that you color management workflow is incorrect. If you take a raw image from your digital camera using Adobe RGB color space and display it in Photoshop, does it have any color problem?

    In order to troubleshoot this, you have to let us know what is your source image, how your Photoshop is set up (e.g. default color work space). What do you mean when you said color profile is changing when you just start calibration process?
  4. Problem is not around this photo, black looks green, gray looks green.

    All photos made by Canon 20D with same exposition, and all converted to sRGB Jpeg by Canon Photo Digital Professional 2.2 with 6500K and same other settings (using one Windows PC).

    "What do you mean when you said color profile is changing when you just start calibration process?"
    I mean, when I just start Calibration software (only start) the colors change to more blue-red (second image to third image).
  5. "Also, I'm not sure what the shots you posted are supposed to prove."

    All photos have taken in RAW by Canon 20D with same exposition, and converted with same settings and 6500K in Canon Digital Photo Professional 2.2 to sRGB Jpeg.
  6. Join the club of people whose first posts are about not being able to calibrate a Macbook. Hard to tell what's going on here exactly... Maybe the glossy screen is an issue, but then again there's a bunch of other monitors with glossy screens...

    My theory is that natively (the "before calibration" state) the screen is very blue and no calibration software can properly compensate for this using videocard LUTs (which is the only way to adjust it). I'd do some more tests with loading profiles with no vcgt adjustments....
  7. Which targets do you set for Huey BTW?

    Look at the table at the bottom of the following article to see what white point and gamma targets your settings correspond to...
  8. When you first start your calibration process, the software clears the Look Up Table (LUT) from the video card, that's why you see the color shift. Same thing happens with the EyeOne monitor calibration software.

    It's difficult to troubleshoot your problem without knowing more about your configuration. I assume you are using Photoshop and have done the following:

    MAC Preference -> Display -> Color -> set to the Huey calibrated profile
    Photoshop is set to have a default color space of sRGB or Adobe RGB, not the monitor profile.
    When you open up the image in Photoshop, you ASSIGN sRGB to be the color space for the image (not the CONVERT command).

    If you are doing the above, I don't see why there will be a problem. I'm also curious why there is such a big difference between the Apple default LCD profile and the Huey profile.

    One other thing is have you tried opening up the raw image using the MAC?
  9. Thanks for all!
    I'll gonna kill myself... Before that I'll send support request to Pantone.
  10. Just so you know you're not alone - I switched back to sRGB because my calibration with Spyder software left everything green as it did with you.
  11. Thank you! So I think the problem is glossy screen. I have sent support request to Pantone, hope they will find the way to fix it in software.
  12. Switched video cards today to a Geforce 6800 Ultra DDL from an ATI 9600 XT for my Power
    Mac G5.

    Recalibrated with the Huey and now my 23" LCD screen is tinted green. I did calibration in
    complete darkness for it three times and still same results. I did another calibration with
    existing lights and it became even more green.

    Very weird. I'm sending support request from Pantone and will post and findings.
  13. Same kind of problem here. Sony Vaio glossy screen is way too magenta after calibrating it with Huey. BTW if I turn the colorimeter upside down it gives the opposite color tint - green. Weird... This must have something to do with how the display is contstructed.
    Hope Huey will perform better on a external display.

    - mikael
  14. So far i see only macbook owners with problems but if i may, here's a Vista notebook owner with greenish tint after calibration. Tried with complete darkness, with more light, every other possibility see on the net.. Still green. I am curious if anybody had an answer from Pantone, maybe they will fix this. And another question if i may: Where can i buy the Huey pro software since on the pantone website they offer this chance only to US or Canadian citizens. If anybody can enlighten me i remain gratefull.
  15. Sorry, this isn't an answer - couldn't find how to post a question. I have a Huey and am running a PC with Vista. I did load the Vista version. Calibration seems fine and photos look good, but settings get 'forgotten' when rebooting, Huey is turned off and I have to fire it up again and re-calibrate. Also, preferences options are all grayed out. Anyone else have this?
  16. Try to update your Huey software to the 1.0.5 version from their website. I don't know if it will solve your problem but i remember that some options were grayed out with 1.0.3 version of the software on my computer. Try and let us know!
  17. We had the greenish tint on a MacBook with a Huey Pro, purchased from Dabs in London
    in October 2007. A 17" HP LCD display connected to the MacBook didn't display the same
    issue. A replacement Huey Pro, sent directly from a support guy at Pantone, pretty much
    fixed the greenish cast of the MacBook's glossy screen but now we're seeing a slight
    magenta to some (not all images) which I suspect was a result of the previous, faulty Huey

    Anway, I wanted to point out the following:

    1) It's not just the Huey. People with ColorVision Spyders and other similar devices are
    reporting the same greenish cast. (Try Googling.)

    2) It doesn't affect only glossy screens by any means. (Again, Google it.)

    3) I don't recall seeing report of 8 bit-per-channel screens or a CRTs being affected. I'd
    like to come across one.

    To clarify: most (all?) laptop screens and certainly all those used by Apple to date, and
    even some fitted to low-end desktop displays like cheaper iMacs display only 6 bits per
    channel. Apple Cinema Displays and equivalents from other manufacturers display 8 bits
    per channel. The complaints about Hueys, Huey Pros and other similar devices appear to
    come from those using them with 6-bit displays. My survey is limited but you can help -
    just reply here. :)

    Is it possible that the Huey and the Huey Pro, cheaper than many competing devices, are
    more likely to be bought and used by those on a budget? And that this might mean that
    they're more likely to be used to calibrate a laptop's built-in screen on the screen of a
    low-end iMac? (The 17" Intel iMacs had 6-bit displays - there are reports that the current
    20" also does.)

    I'm not drawing conclusions - just asking questions.
  18. I just purchased the huey and was dissatisfied too - the gamma calibration was OK, but it had a strong green color cast (I am using a PC, ATI video card, and an - rather old - Samsung TFT). After reading the forum here (mentioning that rotating the huey may have the opposite effect), I started a last experiment: Recalibrate the screen while holding the huey *horizontally* - and it worked great for me!

    I suspect that the huey has a big problem with some monitors, depending on the panel used.

  19. I am having exactly the same problems and observing the same behaviors with HueyPro.

    I am using the latest 1.5 software and here is what is happening:

    I have XPS m1210 laptop with glossy screen
    External BenQ FP91G+ monitor (matt)

    Huey behaves exactly the same with the built-in and external monitors - when calibrated with cable from top (suggested as standard procedure by Pantone) everything has a pretty strong magenta cast. When inverted up-side down and calibrated like that - everything has a strong green cast. When I stick Huey on the screens horizontally and calibrate in this position I get pretty neutral results that seem better that standard video card settings.

    I would assume that it has something to do with how the dichroic coating on huey's sensors works with being so close to LCD cells (colors change depending on the angle of convergence).

    I can definitely recommend trying different 90 deg. angle positions for calibration. Even if you are satisfied with the standard (hanging down) position results it might give you better results being upside down or sideways.

    Interesting post by the way.
  20. Hi!

    I just bought Huey and tried to calibrate my Macbook... Well the original profile is certanly too blue, but after calibrating it I find it a bit too green-yellow... I tried to put the colorimeter horizontally but it is a bit too red, so I calibrate by putting horizontal but opposite to the first attempt (which was with the lads on the right) and it is too green again... I am so mad at Pantone...

    My last attempt was to calibrate with colorimeter roughly 45ᄚ and leds on the right, the results are ok, but far from what I had expected. Moreover, what do you think about the automatic adjustments to ambient light, is is worth haivng it on? The trouble is that I have a laptop because I often "play" with my pictures when I am far from home and I do not want to carry the colorimeter with me if the ambient light adjustment is not really helping consistency...


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