M8 sensor cleaning

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by paul hart, May 4, 2007.

  1. The M8 sensor isn't immune to dust, so has to be cleaned. I bought the / www.delkin.com/products/sensorscope/">Delkin Sensor Scope, and it works well. It comes with an illuminated magnifier for inspecting the sensor before and after, a small vac for removing the big bits, some swabs and a bottle of fluid.
    Pricey - and I feel confident someone will have devised a way of doing it better with an inverted 50 Summicron and a torch - but M8 owners need proper gadgets.
  2. Don't know why that link came out as it did, so let's try again
    Sensor Scope
  3. The Visible Dust Sensor Brush works very well, without any fluids or excessive pressure on the sensor. I had been using the Copperhill method, with Eclipse Fluid (methanol) and PEC pads (non-woven, lint free). The Sensor brush is charged with static using canned air or an electric device that spins the brush rapidly in air to the same end. It works like a charm.

    You can see particles down to about 2 microns with a strong side light, without a magnifier. If you can't see 'em that way, they're not going to be a problem, most of the time. The most sensitive and practical way to see dust is to shoot at the open sky at f/22 and examine the image.

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