M8 SD cards and Capture One

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  1. Has anyone tried 4 or 8 Gb SD cards in their M8? And one more question; is it me or is Capture One
    software extremely slow, compared to Photoshop RAW?
  2. It's not you.
  3. I use a 4gb SD card from RiData. It works very well in the M8 and was not on Leica's list as of the last time I checked recommended cards.
  4. James, is it a SDHC, or just a standard SD card?
  5. It ain't you. The prime mover of Capture One is one of the lead developers of Adobe's Lightroom.
  6. Toke, it's standard SD.
  7. Thanks James. Has anyone tried SDHC?
  8. So do You use Capture One, and enjoy the quality (and not the waiting...), or do You use
  9. SDHC won't currently work.
  10. Steve, have You tried? Is it going to in the future? Toke
  11. SDHC does not currently work in the M8 , as far as future compatability it is hard to say since
    the SD industry has been waffling around with a new compliant card. This feature has been
    asked for but I believe Leica is waiting to see what happens . Although this is not confirmed
    from them but was talked about. For now stick with just SD only cards and 4gb work fine. i
    use Transcends myself the 150x 4gb cards and they work very well, there less than 50 dollars
    at www.mydigitaldiscount.com . Also be careful buying SD cards from e-bay or some fuzzy
    places there have been a lot of fake ones floating around. There cheap now and i recommend
    going to a established business just to be safe
  12. Thanx Steve and Guy. Guy, what are Your experiences with RAW software and M8? Toke
  13. A lot actually , been mostly a C1 user for years and the new 3.77 version has a much nicer
    generic profile for the M8 than the previous one and it is designed around the use of the IR
    filter. Also Lightroom i have been becoming pretty fond of. You may want to look at this
    thread i started a couple days ago. i still need to test a facial studio shot to see how the skin
    tones are coming up but things are really starting to look much better

  14. May have messed that link up

  15. Something funky going on go to the LUF forum and search this title

    M8 Raw converters and profiles Version 1.102 and IR
  16. Thanx!

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