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  1. I love my M8.2, but would like to be able to crop an image in the camera…this is one feature I really like about my Digilux 2…..am I missing something, or can this be done in the m8.2?
  2. No, it cannot. You aren't missing anything.
  3. You can move closer or farther away, but I suspect this is not what you mean . . .
  4. Thanks Paul. I'm on my way. The thing to remember is that the M8 is, roughly speaking a half frame camera: x1,3333… (as opposed to x1:4). Thus you have the builtin advantages of cropping.
  5. Well, not exactly a half frame camera. The M8.2 captures 75% of the width and height, or if you want to compare on the basis of area, then it's a 57% frame camera. That's .75 times .75. A little better than half frame; OK, not that much better, now that I did the numbers. I never thought about it in area terms before. But I wouldn't kick an M8.2 to the curb just for that, nor just because we can't crop in-camera!

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