M7 reliability.

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  1. Hi to all. I currently shoot with a 36 year old M5 and a 2 year old MP. I have
    been reading a lot about the M7, and I really like it's features. But I am very
    worried about it's reliability. After reading the posts here, and all over the
    net, a lot of people are having problems with the DX system, and electronic
    issues that require the camera to go back to Leica for service. I am thinking
    of buying a used mint one, but I also hear that DAG and Sherry Krauter cannot
    service them. Does anyone know if that is true? I really do not want to be
    stuck with only Leica service, and reliability issues. It makes the Bessa and
    Zeiss automatic models look a lot better, if for nothing else than because they
    have simpler electronics. Any opinions are welcome!
  2. Well, I bought my M7 at Tamarkin in August 2005 and have used it extensively without a
    hitch. Mine was used and had been serviced by Leica.
  3. DAG and Sherry Krauter are the best known Leica service people. Email them if you want to know about their M7 service, as you will probably get only speculation and opinion here. Sherry did a great job repairing an M6 of mine, have had no problems thus far with the M7.
  4. In speaking to Don Goldberg ("DAG") on the M7, there is every reason to believe the M7 should outlast you - as any other Leica M camera likely would - and its electronic shutter should never need a CLA. In fact he recently told me he has only seen six or seven in his repair shop (ever).

    To be fare though, the M7 hasn't been around very long - its release was only five years ago in 2002.
  5. I'm one of those who has had problems with an ex-demo, new M7 -- both the DX reader
    and a malfunctioning circuit board have been replaced. The repairs took two visits to
    Germany under the passport warranty. All a bit of a pain while it was going on but since
    coming back the camera has performed perfectly. In fact, just finished shooting a gay
    pride parade in the pouring rain and the M7 performed without any problems.

    I think the electronics can be a problem if you're unlucky -- plenty aren't, but I was -- but
    Leica knows what the DX reader can be replaced in its entirety with an upgraded version
    and this solves the problem. In fact, when Leica did mine they also upgraded the finder at
    no charge too, which I think was by way of an apology for not spotting the faulty circuit
    board first time round.

    Hope this helps.

  6. I have two M7s and nothing has gone wrong with either so far. Both are wonderful cameras.
  7. Very very reliable and beautifully built. If its features and price suit you there is no reason to not buy one. I've had mine for nearly 2 years and it works like a dream.
  8. The M7 can have issues just like any other item that uses electronics, but if you want AE then
    should be the deciding factor. If you don't need AE, there's no point to it. If you get one, get
    one under warranty. If you want a used one try KEH which sells used
    stuff with a 90 day warranty.

    It's true as far as my experience that Leica needs to do work on the electronic components,
    and that DAG and Sherry cannot. Leica's service is generally very good though.
  9. No problem with my one year old M7. I use it in conjunction w/ an MP.

    Initially I wasn't sure about it but then I remembered my Yashica SLR I bought at the Fort Ord PX in 1971, still working 35 years later. Hopefully the M7 will hold up as well:)

    Another factor to consider, for me anyway, is the better built quality of the Leica.
  10. David,

    Just to add more positive feedback, I've had a M7 since March, 2004 and have had no problems with it. It was purchased new and is used a couple times a week, say 150-175 rolls of film.

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