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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by notraces, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. I think I've read a few things about the following issues - and wanted to know
    other user's experiences with Leica Service and if the issues were remedied.

    1. I keep getting the annoying dot showing up in the viewfinder which indicates
    I've either changed exposure compensation (I haven't) - or I've manually changed
    ISO (I haven't). I read that turning the dial a few times fixes the issue, which
    I have done - and it does fix it - but then it always seems to arise again. But
    - what if I DO manually change ISO (which I do frequently) - how would I know
    that the M7 hasn't changed exposure compensation on me?

    2. Sometimes when I turn the M7 on, it'll tell me I have 100 speed film loaded -
    when I really have 400 speed film loaded -- but it'll change to 400 before the
    LED turns off. That's a little maddening to me.

    3. When I'm shooting a lot with the M7, if I touch the dial on the back, the dot
    in the viewfinder will appear -- so I try to avoid touching it - but it can't be
    helped if I'm working pretty quickly.

    For the most part, my shots are exposed properly, but a recent roll seemed
    unusually UNDER exposed - it could be I was shooting with the VC 12mm, which is
    a pain to use with in-camera metering (super small spot metering is what you end
    up with) -- but I usually metered off the sidewalk and added a stop, which is
    close enough when shooting C41 color.

    My Passport is good until 2010 - so I was thinking of sending the M7 in for a
    checkup (I was in Chicago, and now moved to Toronto - so I shudder to think how
    much it'll cost me to send it to NJ for service).

    Has anyone had these experiences? Did you send your camera in? Did they fix the

    Oh -- and does Passport include a CLA at all? I've NEVER had to use Passport for
    any of my M's.

    Thanks --

  2. I thought Kindermann (spelling???) is auth to do warr repair, then you would not have to send it out of Canada.
  3. Send it in. That's what passport is for.

    Postage is cheap compared to the cost of repair.

    CLA not included, nor is it necessary for such a young camera.
  4. Cla is included to the exrent that while under passport warranty, you indicate to Leica that you think the shutter speeds are off, that the winder seems stiff, and you are not sure the rangefinder is accurate.
  5. John -- good idea... I was just thinking that.

    Wai-Leong - it's going tomorrow via Fed-Ex.

    Bill -- I'm going to use Kindermann for a M3 & M4 CLA...
  6. I've had a similar problem with an M7 in the past, but before you send it back try this as I think I remember receiving this advise in the past myself. You need to have a reasonable tension in the film, no more than you should have on any M camera, but if it's at all slack, the film canister doesn't have a strong enough contact with the brass pins that identify the film's ISO. Might be worth a try.......Robert
  7. I would run it through the doctor in preventative maintenance. The dot? Everybody says the dot pretty much stays on and I have learned to live with it. Hardly notice it anymore. No other problem with mine.

    good luck -- P
  8. Ditto. Set the ISO manually and live with the flashing dot. The package should come with a warning that the product is not recommended for those suffering from epilepsy.
  9. Well -- I sent the M7 off to NJ -- I just got a note from them that they cannot fix it here - so they sent it back to Germany. I knew something was up -- estimated time before I see it again - 6 weeks. Oh joy.

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