M645 Pro TL multi exposure lever and power grip

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  1. I am considering purchasing a M645 Pro TL. It has the power grip with it. It is the smaller of the
    grips. I have downloaded the manual from Mamiya and have taken note of where the multi exposure
    lever is located. It appears that the power winder grip totally covers this lever, thus rendering it
    unavailable to use. Is that correct? Does anyone have this camera with the grip?

    Here is where I am considering buying the camera, (J. Cohen Photography). That is actually a
    second question. Has anyone bought from them before? Does $745 seem a reasonable price for the
    camera with lens, AE prism finder, and winder grip?

    If you scroll down the photos on the site, you will see the side of the camera with the grip mounted.
    You can see the "M" from the word Multi slightly "peeking" out from behiind the grip. It appears the
    entire multi exposure lever is covered by the grip.

    Being able to do multi exposures is one of my main uses for MF cameras, so if I can't use it with
    this camera and grip, then I will just stick with my 645E.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Here is the link to the camera:


  2. If you want to do multiple exposure, you will need to use either the manual winder or the more advanced power grip, the WG401. I've bought from him via EBAY, the transaction was perfect. It looks like he also has the WG401, perhaps you could get him to switch. KEH also has the WG401, for less than $90.

  3. Looks similar to the winder grip on the 645Super to me. The winder for the 645Super has a "switch" on the underside of the grip that operates the multi exposure lever on the camera. Unfortunately, the only photo that's missing from that auction site is a view of the bottom of the grip, but I suspect that there's a multi-exposure switch hidden under there.

    Why not e-mail the vendor and ask them the question?
  4. I'd also say ask the seller to be sure.

    That said, I have the 645Pro and WG401 grip. It does cover the multi exposure switch, but has a switch on the grip that actuates the body switch, so it still works.
  5. You can still do multiple exposures, but you have to detach the grip, set the camera to multi-exposure, reattach the grip, make your exposures and then take the grip off again to hit the switch so you can advance the film. Its a bit of a pain, but its completely possible. Removing the grip is easy, it takes just a second or two.

    I think the price isnt too bad, though I would try to get either the leaf shutter 80 or the f1.9 version rather than the standard 2.8 version, they aren't much more expensive considering the extra flexibility they offer.

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