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  1. I have been reading a lot of posts in the archives about the upgrade of the M6 viewfinder to the M7 or MP finder (which essentially is not the whole finder but only a small part that is replaced.)
    I still could not figure out what is the main benefit of such an upgrade. In a real life situation does a photographer need this upgrade? Does this affect in any way the accuracy of the finder (less parallax). Would you recommend doing this on a M6 classic body with a 35mm lens?
  2. I believe you are refering to the upgrade that reduces finder flare out in situations where light hits the view finder at oblique angles. If you have found this to be a problem in the past the upgrade is worth the money. If you did not know you had a problem, then you don't have a problem. It will not change paralax or finder accuracy.
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  3. The benefit is that it eliminates the RF patch flare problem that many people, including myself, where the RF patch will "white out" in certain situations, making the secondary image impossible to see & therefore making it impossible to focus. It has nothing to do w/parallax or the general accuracy of the finder.
    It was a real world problem for me, but I believe it's worse for people who wear glasses as it's harder for us to keep our eyes centered in the VF. If you're among the fortunate who haven't experienced the problem, then there's no need to get the upgrade.
  4. Thank you for the replies. How does this upgrade improve the brightness of the finder (which is really bright compared to other cameras I've had)
    I remember upgrading the focusing glass of my Hasselblad to the newest Acute Matte D model and the difference was great. So I am wondering if this upgrade is worth it only for the brightness upgrade.
    Thanks again!
  5. I had DAG (Don Goldberg) perform the upgrade on my M6 TTL 0.85 & M7 0.72. It has no effect on VF brightness; if anything, it might reduce the brightness of the RF patch a little because it involves the installation of a mask & small condenser lens, essentially to return to the pre-M4-P finder design (see discussion here: http://www.nemeng.com/leica/020b.shtml ).
  6. I have an M6 TTL with its original finder, and an M7 that was upgraded to the MP finder. In real-life usage I see some clear
    improvements in the M7 with MP finder. As others have said, it significantly reduces the problem of flare or white-out which,
    as a glasses wearer I do find a problem. In this regard, the MP finder is a clear improvement.

    In terms of brightness, however, I'd say the benefits are much more marginal. I think the M7 (MP finder) is *slightly* brighter
    but in real terms you'd be hard pressed to tell.

    As others have said, if you don't think there's a problem and you don't experience a problem, then just forget and enjoy
    taking photographs.

    -- Alun
  7. Great, exactly the info I was looking for. I will save my cash and buy more film!
    Thank you guys!

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