M6 TTL shutter curtain coming apart

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by watts, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Anyone had their M6 shutter curtain come apart at the join? My
    two and a half week old M6TTL (bought new) has developed
    (always had) this problem. I noticed that the curtain looked a bit
    creased when I was changing a lens. By cocking and firing the
    shutter, I could see that the metal seams on each half of the
    curtain were coming apart and were only held together at the top.
    Is this is a common problem? Very very annoying, though
    fortunately I have a nice back-up body I bought off ebay last week
    that I can use whilst the main body goes off to Milton Keynes.

    I recently came over to the Leica M system from a largish EOS
    system that I was fed up with lugging around. I know that Leica's
    reputation for reliability isn't exactly unblemished but I didn't
    expect to be sending a new body off quite so quickly! I'm now
    seriously thinking of acquiring a third body to maximise my
    chances of having two bodies available to me at any one time.
  2. Ian,

    This happened last year with my M4, but it's from 1968. It wasn't very expensive, but for a new camera?

    Everyone will tell you to return the camera to the shop.
  3. It's probably not a common problem. Since, you purchased the camera new, send it back for repair. You shouldn't have too many problems. The Leica build is strong. I personally feel, Leica has proportionally the same number of problems as any other camera manufacturer. Because of the internet, we hear about them faster and more often. Good Luck....
  4. I had to change shutter curtains on my 1960 M2 and a 1978 M4-2. No
    problems with either of my TTLs. The curtains should not be creased.
    Someone either poked it (finger, film, lens) or had a misload which jammed
    film into the shutter curtain. Luckily for you it is under warranty.
  5. The only shutter curtain I've ever had changed on a Leica was my IIIa, which the rubberized surface was getting sticky/tacky (but the shutter was functioning perfectly)but this after 60 years of use! The curtain problem you experienced is not common at all. Nonetheless I would strongly encourage you to own multiple M bodies ;>)
  6. Whatever the cause, it certainly wasn't anything to do with fingers
    being poked into the curtain. In actual fact, I've since been told by
    a dealer I use (who didn't sell me this camera) that the problem
    isn't the shutter curtain itself but one of the ribbons. It's
    apparently an easy fix. Either way, its a pain but I still have the
    use of one M body whilst the other wings its way to Leica UK.
  7. I wouldn't even have it repaired. If I bought something brand new and it started to come apart that quickly, I'd return it and get a new one. The store would then send it back to Leica. It's not my problem if a camera came off the factory line with a problem that developed that quickly. There's a certain judgement to be made after a certain period of time where you just let the warranty cover it. But 2.5 weeks is way under that. (unless the store has a 14 day return period)

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