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    First, I read a lot of article of M6 finder alignment. Fortunately, my two new M6 ttl do not have any problem of misalignment. However, misalignment looks easy to happen by even little shock. Is this really so esay to happen? If it is true, how can I use this expensive camera without hesitate? Second, M6 finder has only small partial focusing indicator in the center, but it is very good in focusing under dim light. My question is how can I focus precisely the subject which is not in center? In case of SLR, I can focus precisely even though the subject is not in center, but with M6, I could not figure out the focusing on left or right sided subject. Especially, in case of vertical frame for people portrait with 90mm lens, at first I do focusing on face, and then framing again. Sometimes, I can see slight out of focus on face. If anyone know about these problems, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. You can use this expensive (but robust) camera without hesitation.
    But don't bang it around, that's all. Unlikely you will do that,
    given the price :)


    The rangefinder is a center focusing system. So, for portaiture, you
    focus, (typically on the eye) and recompose. In theory and practice,
    your now off-center subject could be out of focus, but I've never
    really noticed this happening in any practical situation.
  3. NHP, As far as focusing on the whole screen with an SLR, this is in
    fact true, but in situations where the light is not optimum, your eye
    sight better be very good since there is no confermed focus... only
    what you perceive as sharp. It takes only a second to focus, then
    swing the camera to the desired composition with the center
    rangefinder. Also, most Leica lenses have better than average
    flatness of field, so you can be comfortable that your off-center
    subject will remain in focus. All of this is not that big a deal in
    good light since depth of field due to stopping down the lens will
    assure good focus. With normal and wide angles, the point is even
    less of an issue. Leica photographers usually know how to use the
    depth of field marks on the lenses and most time in good light don't
    even need to focus... they know the zone of focus and can readily
    apply it to dynamic shooting. That will beat the Auto-everything SLR
    user with a minimally marked zoom, who will still be playing
    the "trombone" while the rangefinder user, totally understanding his
    single lens, will be walking away knowing he got the shot.


    I have a 1966 M2 that has never been serviced, and the RF is
    perfect. My 1988 M6 is slightly off vertically, but it does not
    effect focus. I treat these camera hard and when they go out, I'll
    have them adjusted. Series M cameras did not gain the reputation they
    have from being wimpy, so enjoy them.
  4. Actually full screen focusing is a definite advantage of reflexes
    there is no doubt about it. I do it quite a lot at f2.8 or higher on
    my Rs. Rangefinders have other advantages, but this is not one of

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