M5 and Voigtlander 4,5/15 - any problems?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by vidom, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. I'm about to get a Heliar 4,5/15. The only TTL metered camera body I
    have that will work with this lens is my M5. I heard that the Heliar
    4,5/15 doesn't interfere with the M5's meter cell mechanically, but is
    there any problem to be expected with the meter reading? Is metering
    accuracy affected in any way by the very short focal length?
  2. The 15 works fine with my CL's meter as well as the one in the Bessa L. Because of the coverage I mostly take a substitute reading off the palm of my hand or make a seperate incident reading. Consider picking up a Bessa L body, though. Cameraquest was selling them for less than the combined cost of a deep rear M bayonet cap plus the M adapter.

  3. The Bessa L is truely the best rear-len-cap/film-holder made in the world today. The biggest thing to watch out for is how much sky is in the frame. While the L is no where near a Leica, it is a great way to keep the 15mm out always ready for very little money.

    Beware, once you start going down the CV lens path, you start getting more and more. First the 15, then you will want a 25, then a 40, thank God they are not expensive.

    B2 (;->
  4. Well, I've been going the Voigtlander way for a while now with my 1,9/28 Ultron which I find quite satisfactory, but thank you, I don't think I need another LTM or M body as long as any of my Leicas is still with me. Thanks for your information!
  5. Peter, I would strongly second what Al and others have said. Get a Bessa L (cheap $69!). It is not quite like you M5 but does a decent job with the 15/4.5. It is light weight and not too big to take anywhere.
  6. quiet and not quite.
  7. Why should I want to schlepp around an additional camera body for the scarce opportunities when I need a super wide? My M5 is one of my working cameras for b/w; normally I don't take a second analogue camera body with me 'cause I dont shoot colour on film any more. Even if I thought this necessary, there's a rarely used IIIa on my shelf that would do this job perfectly. And I don't like the plastic sound and feel of the VC bodies.
  8. Peter, you might just decide that you really enjoy shooting with the 15. If you're worried about the cheap plasticky feel of a Bess L body you might not like the feel of the focus and diaphragm controls on the Heliar, nowhere near as silky smooth as a Leica optic, or the quality of the finish either. Still, the L has worked wellfor a coupleof years now, goes with me everyplace, has banged against an M hanging from the same shoulder, been dropped a few times, and has exposed well over a hundred rolls of film, likely two or three times that, with no problems. Unlike an M you can swing open the back in the darkroom, and cut off and proces a partial roll with ease. I'm considering getting another one because I suspect that it's one Bessa that will be selling for more used once the last of the new ones are gone. Always good to have a spare!

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