M4-2 plastic cover on advance lever

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  1. Greetings<br>
    My friend has recently received an M4-2 in good working condition,
    with the exception of the plastic cover on the advance lever. Even
    after tightening the 1 visible screw, the plastic moves and swings out
    when he advances, causing an unusual advance motion.<br><br>Has anyone
    had this problem? Does anyone know of a simple solution? Right now
    we are looking at solutions with electrical tape....hoping theres a
    better one.
  2. Isn't it meant to do that? It does it on my M6...
  3. It's designed that way, to allow the thumb in. If you're seriously looking at electrical tape, you're just going to get bogged down in that black/silver thing.
  4. One of the best "fixes" is to buy a Leica M3/M2 lever. Leica USA would have them, and likely DAG or Sherry can sell you one.

    It is trivial to install if you have a ring-wrench.

  5. "...the plastic moves and swings out when he advances, causing an unusual advance motion..."

    You're joking, right?
  6. "Even after tightening the 1 visible screw, the plastic moves and swings out when he advances...
    Has anyone had this problem?"

    It isn't a problem it's the way it's supposed to. Pick up any M4-M7 they're all that way.
  7. I'm the afformentioned friend. I can't imagine that it's supposed to be like this. Definitely leaving the tape on for a bit, and no matter, cause it's a black body.
  8. Not joking at all. I have had cameras with that type of plastic covering and none have swung as far as this one does. It seems quite unusual.<br><br>Also, seeing as how its his camera, and he doesn't like the advance..whether it was designed that way or not is irrelevent. Looking for a fix/mod/whatever to change this.<br>Saw dag has an M2 DS lever in chrome, I will have to let my friend know.
  9. If it swings more than normal, it's probably because it's been modified. You'll need to figure out if the metal base of the lever or the plastic tip was modified, and then get a replacement(s).
  10. What you're describing is normal. If there is something wrong (or particularly unusual) with yours, simply send it to DAG (or some other reputable repair person) and have the thing replaced. You have option of replacing the advance knob with an M2/3/P type. While it's there have him/her take a look at everything else too.
  11. The plastic tip should swing about 25 degrees, at which point it should stop when the tip of the metal arm itself hits the inside of the plastic tip as a "stop". If yours/his is swinging more than 25 degrees, it may mean the plastic bumper inside has worn away or been cracked, or been intentionally ground away to allow more swing by someone who preferred it that way. In which case replace it with whichever type of "arm" you prefer - Leica can probably supply black-chrome metal arms (for a price) since that's an "ala carte" option for the current MP/M7.

    The plastic swinging arm was introduced with the M4 (1967) because some working pros found the exposed tips of the all-metal arms got hung up on things - the swinging-tip arm allowed for better stowage while being very nice for fast multi-stroke winding.

    But it ain't a big moral issue - pick whichever works for you.
  12. I had the plastic tip break off of my M4-2 many years ago. The retaining screw was still there, but no plastic whatsoever. I wrote Leica (on my studio letterhead) asking the price for a replacement and offering to send a check. Leica sent a replacement free of charge, as they did with bottom screws for my 21 SA metal finder.

    I was most impressed!!!
  13. Thanks for all of your help!

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